Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for Kids

fun zoom backgrounds for kids

If your household is anything like my household, then Zoom has become a staple of your life during the coronavirus confinement. One month ago, I had never heard of it. Today? It is has become part of our vocabulary!

Whether is it conference calls with work or daily online classroom times, the most exciting thing about Zoom is the virtual backgrounds. It has become a fun thing to see what backgrounds we can find or make.

When you are on a call, you can hover at the bottom of the Zoom screen. When you do, it will show a small ^ next to the video camera button on the bottom left.

Once you click on that ^ symbol, a popup will appear. You will then see Choose Virtual Background.

Zoom virtual backgrounds for kids

Click on Choose Virtual Background and then another screen will appear. Go down the menu and select Virtual Background.

You will see a couple of standard Zoom virtual backgrounds. Select one and you will notice your background change. If you want to upload your own custom background, click on the + sign and follow the directions.

zoom backgrounds for kids

In order to use Zoom virtual backgrounds, your Mac computer has to be 10/13 or higher and the processer must be an Intel Core i5 with a quad-core or better. If your computer does not meet these specifications, you can place a green screen behind your chair and select “I have a green screen” option. Then be able to upload and use your custom Zoom background. You can click this affiliate link to see some green screen options on Amazon.

Now that you know how to select your Zoom virtual backgrounds, feel free to download one of these kid-friendly Zoom virtual backgrounds for kids. Have fun!

Zoom virtual backgrounds for kids

fun zoom backgrounds for kids

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