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I cannot believe that one week from today, my baby girl is going to be one years old. I guess I won’t be able to call her Baby G for much longer. She is getting ready to walk, and while she doesn’t have any teeth yet, she is about to have about 10 come in at the same time. (She is efficient that one.)
So, yes, I am planning a first birthday party for her. How can I not since birthdays are about celebrating life, and if you have ever read this post, you know that it is her life that I am grateful for.
While I wasn’t focused on gifts, and more focused on just inviting family to celebrate this important day, they started asking me what to give her. At first, my response was, “Uh, I don’t know.” Then it was, “You don’t have to give anything”, but my family will buy her something anyway so it is probably better all around that I give them some sort of guidance. (Especially the in-laws.)
So when I heard about Ziftit as part of a Clever Girls Campaign, of which I am a part of, I had to give it a go. I mean, I’ve done many online ‘wish lists’ and ‘baby registries’, but they are usually site specific. Ziftit cultivates a variety of sites (like Kohls & Amazon) to pull gifts or, soon, you can download their app and while you are shopping online, you can ‘Zift’ the item you see as you surf the web and keep track of it on your Ziftit profile. There is even the ability to put an item you want for a group purchase. For example, if I want a new camera or video camera to capture of the moment of Baby G’s first steps, but the cost is high, in that one person cannot afford it, there is the ability for a lot of people to pitch in, which is really neat.
Ziftit gift ideas
You can create events, like a first birthday party, and link gifts to that event. You can plan out in advance (Christmas, Valentines Day) which is great when I don’t know what to buy for my Mom or spouse. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I see something and think, “Hey, that would be a great gift for my Dad” and then Father’s Day comes along and I can’t remember what it was. This is one way to keep track. I use Pinterest for the same way, but in this case, I can then buy it right there in Ziftit too.
Ziftit_2 copy
You can send invites to people with a list of desired gifts attached. But, even better, you can even be a bit more notcholant about it by sharing it via Facebook and Twitter. Something like, “Hey guys, look at the cool stuff I could get Baby G for her birthday!” And then your Mom, who is also your Facebook friend, may see it and then BAM! She knows what to get and you didn’t have to feel all awkward or anything. Plus, you can friend your Facebook buddies on Ziftit so you can see what they want (if you make your desires public anyway!) and know when its their birthday (& what to get them!)
I like Ziftit because they give back to the community too. They provided 1,000 gifts to children and families displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Now, Ziftit is now reaching out to residents of Moore, OK affected by the tornado. You can go and purchase something and have it sent to a child. Maybe they have a birthday coming up and no home to celebrate it, so you can get them a little gift to make it seem a bit better somehow.
Ziftit_3 copy
The website is a wee bit cumbersome right now though. For example, when picking ‘Girls’ as a category to search for gifts, there are blenders and cooking tools. I suppose a tween might like that? But it would be great to see a Toddler category or baby category so you don’t have to sift through that stuff. I know I probably shouldn’t be so ‘traditional’ but some of the toys were pretty boyish even though I was surfing in the girls section. But it is easy to overlook and it was only the stuff Ziftit pulled. Like I said earlier, soon, you can pull anything from anywhere, but the site has pulled some popular purchases together to get you started.
And when you are on the go, they have a free iPhone app where you can shop, and keep track of your events, lists, and more. While similar to the features of the website, I like how you can see what events you have coming up. It’s a great way to remember everyone’s birthday or bar mitzvah.
Ziftit_iPhone copy
What special day or celebration do you have coming up?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Image Credit: Ziftit.com

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