A Year in Review: Free Printable for Kids

One great idea to end each year is to have a fun day of New Years’ activities for the whole family. From making cookies to making countdown clocks, there are a lot of fun activities to do to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Years Day with kids. You can even make it a Happy Noon Year celebration!

If you need some ideas, check out my blog posts with several simple ideas, including a Holiday bingo printable!

One of the New Year’s ideas is to do a Year in Review Time Capsule or Year in Review Ornament. Alternatively, if you want something really simple, print out this free printable. Then have the kids fill it out (or for really young ones fill it out for them!) They can write or draw their answers and it’s a fun way to capture the memories from the previous year.

I always like doing reviews on New Years’ vs. on birthdays or first days of school. It is so busy those times of the year. Yet, on New Years’ Eve Day, it is pretty quiet and a nice time for reflection!

Have fun!


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