WWE Superstars Slams into the Doll Market

Whether you are a TV fan or wrestling fan, there is no doubt that there is a huge following of the show Total Divas, and now Total Bellas, on E!
The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, are fan favorites regardless of how you follow them. What is even more interesting is that girls are the driving force behind the Bella Twins popularity.

Brie and Bella Superstars Dolls

Brie and Nikki are a mix of glam and a go-get-em attitude, combined with sophistication and down-right slamming of opponents. Girls are learning that you can be interested in fashion and know how to throw a punch too. There is no more girlie girl or tomboy corners. Only fabulous fierceness that is empowering to girls.

Dolls meets Action Figures

Mattel took notice and launched WWE Superstars Brie and Nikki dolls this year. It was to meet the demand of girls looking to emulate their idols in doll form. They can bodyslam Ken or drive the pink convertible into the Dreamhouse garage. There is something appealing to every girl in these new Mattel figures. The dolls come with a wrestling outfit inspired by their look in the ring, and with an out-of-ring outfit inspired by their personal style. Shoes, of course, included. They are divas, after all.

Let’s not forget the diehard wrestling fans who would love to have these as part of their WWE collections, as well as older fans who crush on Brie and Bella. Boys will also enjoy having female and male wrestlers in their made-up matches.
Mattel has a hit on its hands with its product offerings. You can see the vision they had, as well as the reaction of Brie and Nikki in this Total Bellas video clip.

You can take home Brie or Bella in their 12 inch tall fashion doll glory. Or alternatively, pick up a 6-inch action figure version instead. Don’t forget the Superstars Entrance Playset with a couch, table, vanity, closet, two molded fashions, hangers and camera for backstage prep, interviews and total diva-ness. Flip it around and you have the stage entrance for a rock star WWE match!

However you play, or however you follow them, these are some hot new toys that will only become hotter as the holidays approach.

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