Why You Should Pass (or at least Wait) for a Hatchimal

Why You Should Pass (or at least Wait) for a HatchimalIf you haven’t heard, Hatchimals are one of the hot toys for 2016. The one that makes it to the ranks of store sellouts and jacked up prices on Ebay.
(The other hard to find toy is the PJ Mask Headquarters, FYI.)
Having been cornered at many recent holiday parties by guests that wanted to know what I thought about Hatchimals (and whether they should be hunting it down). I decided to share with you what I told them.


At least for now.
I found that a lot of people didn’t really know what the..shall we say..finer details were about the product.
#1. It takes 6 +/- hours for the egg to hatch, and you have to work on it. I have no idea why people think it takes less than that. Maybe if you really work on it, I suppose. All in all, I don’t know many kids that have hours of patience. You know your child, so if they can wait, then maybe it is worth considering fact #2 below.
#2. Once the animal hatches, that is it. No more hatching. One and done. So the novelty of hatching is all gone. You are left with a robotic pet. I’ve never been a big fan of toys that don’t offer consistent play value. However, some families don’t feel the same way, which I can understand.
#3. There are a lot of robotic pets on the market this year. Many of these robotic pets are more fun and interesting (example, the new Furby Connect, or Dash Robot.) If you really want a pet robot, these may satisfy your AI (artificial intelligence) craving.

There are a lot current of disgruntled egg owners (even before Santa has arrived.) Some snafus with the product have lead to the poor reviews, but many poor reviews are because the purchaser didn’t really understand what they were buying, the limitations of the product, and the final toy you are left with. It is an electronic toy so often they don’t work. I also predict that with the high demand (and rush to fill orders) more problems with the product. The end result is that product was not what they thought it was ‘cracked-up’ to be.
I know that your kids may be begging for one, and who wants to let them down? Totally get it. Yet, they’ll get over the popularity amongst their peers (life lesson right?). A toy doesn’t need an egg shell to be interesting.
However, if you still want to see what the hoopla is about, and thus buy one, wait until after the New Year. The company, Spinmaster, is releasing more at the regular MSRP in early 2017. They have a fun activity on their website while kids wait to get one (at a more affordable price compared to what they are currently selling at due to the scarcity.) Plsu, maybe some of the snafus and kinks will be worked out by then.
Have Santa leave an IOU in the stocking and check out the fun on the website (with Santa updates sent to your email) if you really want the egg-citment in the New Year.

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