What to do with Black Jelly Beans

There are not too many people that like black jelly beans, resulting in people picking around them in the jelly bean bowl. As a result, you have the black jelly bean remnants that are usually tossed away. I’m not sure why there are black jelly beans in the various jelly beans bags at Easter anyway. Jelly beans are associated with spring – pretty colors of green, pink, yellow, cream, and purple. The black ones seem a bit out of place. Sort of the goth bean in the midst of the perky cheerleader beans.
So what to do with the black sheep in the jelly bean bag. Here are six ideas on what to do with black jelly beans, other than eat them.
what to do with black jelly beans
1. Make black jelly bean infused vodka. Don’t drink? That’s okay. Makes a great gift for an office worker. Take 15 black jelly beans and add to 14 oz of high proof spirit in a pretty glass jar. Infuse for 72 hours. Remove the black jelly beans. Add 13 oz of simple syrup. Tie a black ribbon around the jar with a black and white card. Viola.
2. Save them for Halloween. Then you can make various cupcakes using black jelly beans for decorations – like this recipe for Eyeball Cupcakes using the black jelly beans for the pupil.
3. Put it in your Medicine Cabinet. No really, if you get black jelly beans made with real black licorice, there are many health benefits as licorice can reduce inflammation for a variety of health conditions. I bet the yellow jelly beans can’t say that!
4. Use them for a Fundraiser. Make the black jelly beans feel important. Ask friends and family to save all of the black jelly beans and put them in a jar for a school fundraiser. Have people donate a dollar for an entry to guess how many black jelly beans are in the jar to win a prize donated by a local business.
5. Alternative to a Lump of Coal. My Dad used to say if we were bad, Santa would bring us a lump of coal instead of toys. My Dad could have saved the black jelly beans and said that, due to environmental concerns, Santa couldn’t bring coal and brought a lump of stale black jelly beans instead.
6. Prevent leaks. Save them for a warm summer day. Place one in the bottom of an ice cream cone to prevent the ice cream from leaking out at the bottom.
The poor black jelly. It may not get eaten, but it will not be forgotten.
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