What to Bring to the Beach (or Pool) with Kids

Living in Massachusetts near the beach (and with a set of grandparents with a pool) we are always in or near the water. As a former collegiate and masters synchronized swimmer, I am hoping that my kids love the water as much as I do.
As a result, I’ve signed them up for swimming lessons too. So, we have many (many) outings to bodies of water in the next couple months. I have a ‘water bag’, as I call it, with all of the things we need for the beach or the pool. I like having a pre-packed bag so that it is easy to hit the waves on a moment notice. With a 1 year old and a 3.5 year old, there are a lot of needs and a lot of stuff! So here is what you need to bring to the beach (or pool) with the kids:
what to bring to the Beach with kids
1. Pack a bathing suit for each kid. Place water shoes, water hat and bathing suit for each in a lingerie bag. This way, everything is kept together and can drip dry without getting that wet smell in a closed bag. Label each item, including the lingerie bag, with Kiddo Tags. So that you know which bag is for each kid and it is easy to pick up the right bag if you are using it for daycare or summer camp too!
2. Pack sunscreen. Immediately label it. I’ve tried using permanent marker, but being tossed around in a bag and with wet and/or sweaty summer hands, it rubs off anyway on the slippery plastic. Labeling sunscreen is key because when someone ‘borrows’ some sunscreen, it somehow ends up in their stuff. This way, you have a shot of getting it back.
3. Towels for each kid. Some concept as the above, towels can get lost in the shuffle of many kids, or it can be confusing who had what towel. (I hear many arguments that ‘He took my towel! No, it’s my towel!) If you have labels on them, you can nip those towel-tug-o-wars in the bud.
4. A container of baby powder. Sprinkle on wet sandy legs and feet, and brush off. Your car will thank you. Label it as well so it doesn’t get lost like the sunscreen when everyone sees how cool that is.
5. Toys for the Beach. In another lingerie bag, pack some little toys suitable for the beach or the pool. I also suggest labeling it for the obvious reasons. Placing in a lingerie bag also keep the mold and mildew off the toys and allows them to air dry than in a bag.
6. Reusable water bottle containers with insulating qualities. This way, you can always get something to drink on the go, fill it up with water from a water fountain, etc, and the bottles that have the ability to keep cool liquid cold is a bonus. Using reusable water bottles eliminates the worry about having to find a trash receptacle. Label them as well so it is easy to figure out whose bottle it is.
Other things are snacks and books, sunglasses and magazines. This can vary depending on the length of the day and where you are going, but the above five are must haves for any summer water play!
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