Wanted: One Plunk-a-Doodle Monkey

Have you seen this Monkey?

Animal Adventure PlunkaDoodle Monkey

We are in desperate need to find him.
My toddler has fallen in love with “Monkey” (Otherwise pronounced ‘Menkey’ in toddler-ease.) Nanna (my Mom) had given Menkey to my son a few months ago after finding it at a HomeGoods store. The problem is, we don’t have backup. Menkey is on his last Monkey legs and I cannot find it anywhere.
While most parenting sites will suggest buying a back-up lovely or animal (because of this very issue) the problem lies in its theory. For the past two years, I have bought a variety of stuffed animals, which now qualifies my home as a local zoo or a personal-pet hotel. Lions, Bears, Lambs, Bunnies. You name it. His love affair was short-lived with those creatures. Maximum of 48 hours with the occasional follow-up date. Until ‘Menkey’.
Turns out this was the real deal.
Now we are stuck.
I have searched the internet high and low. Couple of sketchy E-bay listings and nothing else. I even sent a lovely email to the company, Animal Adventure, with picture of my son holding his Monkey, sleeping with Monkey and giving Monkey various kisses.

Dear Animal Adventure:

I am sure you get this email request a lot! But I am currently looking to see where your Plunk-a-doodle Monkey is currently stocked. It is our son’s favorite stuffed animal and we are looking for another. We have not been able to find one online or in a store. It appears that ToysRUs briefly sold it a month ago, but it is not currently a product offered. We sincerely would appreciate the help as it is a product he (and we) love. The Monkey is often in every picture we take! 
Warm Regards,


Their response?


Thank you for your interest in Animal Adventure and our collections of high-quality, original plush and pet toys.

Animal Adventure is a business-to-business toy manufacturer, supporting a broad range of regional, national and international retailers who carry pet toys, plush toys and accessories. Our products may be purchased directly from these partners.

We cannot sell product directly to consumers nor do we inventory any of our product collections, so the purchasing retailers must be contacted for any and all product requests, including replacement.

We are unable to identify specific toy retailers and locations and we cannot guarantee that a particular retailer currently carries a specific product. However, we have provided a list of retailers that have purchased Animal Adventure products at http://animaladventure.com/our-retail-partners.html. You may contact them directly in an effort to locate a specific Animal Adventure product in your area.

As you can see, they didn’t want to help. I am shocked that they don’t know which retail partner recently placed an order for said Plunk-a-Doodle Monkey. Oh, and their list of retail partners? Huge. Supposedly I am supposed to call every BJs, every ToysRUs, every HomeGoods, etc. to find the one store that carries it. If they do at all. (And I just may start dialing.)
But here is one last motherly plea: Have you seen this monkey?
Reward: One happy two-year old.

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