Walt Disney World Tips for Preschoolers

Going to Disney with Toddlers is a challenge, but having fun with non-park activities can keep the Disney fun going without going to the bank. Yet, you are at Disney because you want to experience the Magic, and a lot of the magic happens inside the Disney Parks. However, for kids five and under, some of those parks are more condusive to the needs of younger children. As a result, you get more bang for your Disney dollar.
So here is my number one Walt Disney World Tips for Preschoolers: Spend time at the Water Parks!
Typhoon Lagoon!
My favorite place for toddlers. With its massive wave pool, long lazy river, and tricked out toddler water play area, it is a great place for families. The lazy river is a perfect place for a snooze, there are observation decks to watch the swimmers, and a fun bridge to hear and see the large SWOOSH of the waves in the pool. Jumping the waves is fun, as well as playing in the tide pool, sliding down the toddler slides or playing in the other water play areas. Parking is free, kids under 3 are free, and the price point for older children and adults at the water parks is less than tickets at the four main parks. So even if you have to leave by nap time, you’ve kept some money in your wallet. Just go early to maximize your time before a nap, or to find a quiet shady place to park your belongings. If you are lucky, you may be able to get them to sleep on a towel. Or you can do what I did, and place your child on your lap on the lazy river. My 2 year old fell asleep & we floated around for an hour. (Just load up on the sunscreen.)
Blizzard Beach is my second favorite place to go. While it doesn’t have the grandeur of the active wave pool like Typhoon Lagoon, the central pool is still a delight, the lazy river is still a great option for fun, and the toddler play area is well appointed too.
If the water parks are closed for the season, here are my other “Two Favorite Disney Parks to Visit with Young Children.”
Side Tip:

Make sure to allow time for travel if you are considering nap and bedtimes. For example, it can take up to 30 minutes to get from the Magic Kingdom entrance to your car, let alone taking a bus or driving back to your hotel. So allow for that time in your planning. If you need to be back for a 1pm naptime, you may want to pack it up by 12pm.

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