VTech InnoTab 2 Baby Review

My son is an iPad addict. Yet, on a trip to New York recently, we gave him the VTech InnoTab 2 Baby tablet to check out. We had gotten it at a blogging event for a review. Frankly, we were not quite sure if he even would give it a glance.

VTech InnoTab 2 Baby Reviews

You can see from the picture the answer to that! (And the next day, our 10 month old discovered it.)
So I am happy that he is happy with it. My husband is happy since he got his iPad back. Win, win! But here are some things to consider if you are trading in the iPad for the InnoTab. Note that I am only comparing it to the iPad because that is the only other tablet-like device we own. Similar statements could be said if you own other tablets, but I cannot say for certain.

InnoTab 2 Baby Review vs. iPad

1. It takes time for each game/feature to load. We are used to almost instantaneous play with the iPad, while the games in the InnoTab 2 Baby take awhile to load. If you have an 8 year old who is used to the fast pace of the iPad, then this will probably be frustrating.
2. Picture quality is not as clear. Similar to above, if your 7 year old is used to the clear graphics of iPod Touch, for example, then this will probably be a step down in their opinion.
3. Limited game options. While there are many games and activities from which to choose in the VTech store, they are not as plentiful as what you would find in iTunes. Plus, the VTech games are more expensive by a dollar or two more (on average.)
But here is what is better about the InnoTab compared to the iPad:
1. No questionable content. Everything that works on the InnoTab is appropriate for this age range. No ‘accidental’ perusing on YouTube, going on the internet or downloading of apps that are poor quality and in poor taste (and often filled with ads too.) None of that here.
2. Multi-user options. The iPad is a one person device. The InnoTab has the ability to program itself for up to five users with their own name and various features and age appropriate games. Making the investment great for a multi-kid home.
3. More durable. Let’s face it. Mainstream tablets cost hundreds of dollars and are not kid-friendly. The InnoTab, while bulky, is a parents dream. The thing can be dropped and it seems like it might survive. The thing could have apple juice spilled on it and you have a good shot at it still working. I cannot say that about our iPad. (Poor iPad.)
4. No more panic attacks. I have had a lot of friends mention the frustrations when the iPad ‘dies’ en route to a destination. The charging just doesn’t last long. Especially if you are passing it around in the family. The InnoTab 2 Baby runs on AA batteries, so it does last longer and no worries about bringing along a charger or finding an outlet in the airport to make sure it is charged before you board the plane.
4. You won’t get dirty looks in public. I won’t get into the whole “should you be giving your kids electronic devices?” discussion. If you are reading this, then you have already answered that question. So, one thing to note is that you won’t get “THE” stares when your four year old is playing with an iPad. Or get comments like “Wow, your kid has an iPad. I don’t even have one.” If they are playing with the InnoTab, you probably will get a smile, and maybe a comment on how well behaved your kids are at the restaurant. LOL.
Some other features to note. It has a video and camera feature. My son loves using this. Especially when he figured out that he can rotate the camera lens so he can take pictures of himself. (We have a lot of those now…and of the dog…and the ceiling…and the floor.)
It retails for about $90 on sites like Amazon, and the age range is 1 year-9 years old.
Congrats to Eileen S. for winning via the PromoSimple entry! Contest ended on May 14, 2013.
Image Credit: My Own. All Rights Reserved
Disclosure: I received a free sample in a swag bag as part of a blogging event.

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