How To Make A Glow Stick Valentine’s Day Card for Kids – Free Printable

free valentines day printable for glow stick cards

Looking for a free valentine printable that is fun too? Then check out this Glow Stick Valentine’s Day Card for your kids to hand out at school or with friends.

Buy Glow Sticks in Bulk

Buying in bulk on (affiliate) Amazon will be the most bang for your buck – unless you can find them in the dollar store. Either share with a family member who has a child in a different school or grade if you don’t need that many glow sticks!

Alternatively, tuck the rest away for birthday party favor bags, for the July 4th holiday, or for a trip to Disney to save money on those more expensive glow toys. They can even be handed out for Halloween a few months later! My post here shows how to use glow sticks for an indoor Halloween Hunt!

Buy Good Quality Craft Paper

Stock up on this paper from affiliate Amazon that has a good weight but still can be used in your printer at home. While you may not need 50+ sheets of paper, the excess can be used for homemade cards and other crafts throughout the year!

Get Out Your Supplies

  • Paper
  • Glow Sticks
  • Printer
  • Hole Punch

What you will need, in addition to the glow sticks and paper, is a printer of course. Then you will need a one-hole punch and a pen. (Told you this Valentine Printable Card was easy!)

free valentines day printable from

How to Put it Together

  1. Print out this Glow Stick Valentine Printable. (When you get to the page, right-click and select “Save Image”) You will get 9 per page so you may only need to print out two or three pages.
  2. Once you have them printed, cut them into small rectangles.
  3. Then punch out a hole on the right side and then the left side, making sure to line up the holes.
  4. Have your kids write their names on the back of each piece.
  5. Then slide a glow stick down through one hole. Then slide it behind the paper and come up through the other hole.

Viola! You have easy, fun printable valentines to give out using bulk glow sticks!

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