Flip for the #UpsideDownChallenge Game

At Toy Fair New York 2020, I got to play a fun game called the #UpsideDownChallenge Game. Created by Vango and distributed by Hog Wild Toys, this game is hitting stores in August 2020.
With The #UpsideDownChallenge Game, your world gets flipped upside down! Well, it seems that way! You try to complete seemingly simple challenges while wearing goggles that flip your vision upside down. It is difficult, and at times dizzying, but it is soooo fun.

Try connecting the dots on a piece of paper. Give a high five to a friend. Pour water into a cup (better do that challenge outside because it is probably not going to stay dry!). It is fun to watch others do it and fun to do too!

The game comes with one pair of plastic goggles (that can be wiped down in between uses) and 25 challenge cards. The game is best for anyone eight and up, but it is great for a wide range of friends and family members! It is definitely something to consider for birthday parties (beats pin the tail on the donkey!), dorm room gatherings, and family game nights.
It will retail for $19.99 at Target!
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