Here are the Unique Toys Your Kids Will Want for Christmas 2020

Despite being a toy fanatic, it is always hard to narrow down all the toys in the market to just a select number of unique toys your kids will want this Christmas and for other upcoming holidays. However, here is my list of top twelve unique toys, games, crafts, and sets your kids will want this holiday season.

Please note that I do not include the age recommendations other than to say they are all for kids three and up for safety. After that, it depends on your child’s development. You know what is best for your child’s development and what your child is ready (or not ready) for. However, affiliate links are provided on all the toys below so you can read the official product descriptions for manufacturer age recommendations.

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Squeakee The Balloon Dog (Moose Toys)

Squeakee The Balloon Dog from Moose Toys is part balloon animal and part dog, but total fun. It is a unique toy because how often have you seen an interactive balloon animal that responds to touch, voice, and toys that come included. When not in use, Squeakee looks great on a shelf and is a fun conversation starter when kids move on to the next interactive toy. In the interim, it is cute and simple to use – albeit hard plastic. So it is definitely not a cuddle toy. However, it is one of the cutest pretend pets this holiday season.

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Nighthawk NexGen (Rollplay)

The Nighthawk NexGen from Rollplay is a fast and fun ride on. It is a unique toy because it goes up to 6.5 miles per hour and is a lean-to-steer ride. So it is great for races and obstacle courses. With a weight limit of 110 pounds, it is a ride on that older kids can use. The best part is that, with a touch of a button, the handles/wings collapse in for easy storage. One parenting tip is to also make this ride on a remote learning toy! Write numbers on the driveway using chalk. Then give math problems (i.e. 3×3) and they have to roll to the correct answer. Alternatively, write out the 26 letters of the alphabet and work on spelling. Either way, this ride-on from Rollplay can be entertaining and educating at the same time.

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5 Surprise Mini Brands and Mini Toys (Zuru)

This is an adorable collectible line of mini toys and products from Zuru that fit in the palm of your hand. After you peel and reveal the mini collectible, you may discover either a store accessory (like a shelf or cart) or one of 60+ minis! These are unique toys because they are also fun for 18-inch doll play too. Plus, make great stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, and more. There are also larger playsets and other mini-brand lines for the ultimate collectible Christmas. (P.S. You can turn them into ornaments too!)

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DIY Style Box (Horizon Group)

As soon as kids open this DIY Style Box from Horizon Group, they’ll realize how unique of a toy it is with the over 40 different craft projects within the set. They can design jewelry, create scrunchies, decorate a water bottle or a journal, and so much more. While making the items is fun, they are also functional when done – which kids and parents will both appreciate!

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Blockaroos (Blue Marble)

Blockaroos from Blue Marble is a unique toy that’s magnetic soft foam building blocks that rotate 360 degrees and snap together from the magnetics. Plus, who says you can only build on solid surfaces? Blockaroos can even float in water – making it also great for bathtubs and backyard pools! Kids can be creative while working on a variety of developmental skills in a variety of places to play. There are several sets but all work together.

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Lego Dots Kits (Lego Group)

The Lego Dots kits are perfect for anyone who loves Legos and crafting. From bracelets, to photo frames, the Dot series is perfect for a variety of ages and interests. Plus, they are unique toys for their chameleon quality – perfect for playdates, rainy days, fashionistas, decorating divas, college crafters, and even Moms. Pick the larger kits that have included storage options, but supplement with the mini kits. Send a pack to a virtual friend and make them together for a Zoom playdate!

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Coding is one of the hottest trends for toys. One that I particularly like is the JIMU Firebot Kit. What I like about it is that it is a unique toy in that you get a build and you get coding. Plus, the coding is similar to Scratch – a building block system that really teaches kids the concept of coding. Plus, when kids code, the robot responds accordingly – it flaps its wings, roars, and more. The gear system is top-notch so you get a quality robot too. There is also a classic robot and a unicorn if dragons aren’t your thing.

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Chocolate Pen (Skyrocket)

With the Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket, kids can design, decorate, and draw in chocolate – making it a unique toy to have at home! All the chocolate is made in the U.S., and you can buy refills, so this is not a one-and-done product. You place the chocolate in the tray, heat it up using the included USB cord, then dip the pen into the chocolate and suck it up inside. Then use the chocolate to decorate cookies and cupcakes, or place the chocolate in the included molds to make chocolate candies. Have some fun and eat it too.

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Plinko (Buffalo Games)

Having a game that can be played solo, with family or friends, and doesn’t take a lot of time to learn the rules, is perfect. So bring in Plinko from Buffalo Games for that game perfection. (Plus, it has always been my favorite game on The Price is Right. Especially when they are trying to win a car!) Earn Plinko chips by playing pricing games, then take turns stepping up to the official Plinko board and dropping your chips to score. The board is made of premium wood with authentic lights and sounds straight from the game show. The board stands over 26” tall and includes 5 weighted chips for genuine Plinko action. It’s a unique toy due to its nod to the game show but will also be a conversation piece at home to its timeless appeal across genders and generations.

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Go Go Bird (Zing)

The ultimate blend between flying a kite, flying a drone, and driving a remote control car the Go-Go Bird from Zing looks and flies just like a real bird – providing kids with a unique toy that has the most dynamic remote-control aerial experience!

The bird has a super lightweight body design, infra-red sensing, and a wireless remote control – so it can take-off by hand and avoid obstacles, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With flying distances of up to 100 feet in the air, you can challenge your friends to a race, or perform aerial tricks. (Just be careful about flying outside on a windy day.) The Go-Go Bird is available in red or green and comes with one remote and two rechargeable batteries.

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Power Treads (WowWee)

Power Treads from WowWee comes with an all-surface vehicle that you can customize with stickers and treads. Then use the included track pieces with items around your home to great obstacles, challenges, and goals. It is a unique toy because it is fun, but it also has great sequencing and problem-solving possibilities making it great for the whole family.

So hopefully this list helps you with your holiday shopping needs – or if you get gift cards, now you know what to look for after the holidays for unique toys to keep your kids engaged, educated and entertained in 2021!

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