Unique and Different Gifts For a New Baby

Whether you are expecting or it is a family member or friend, inevitably you will gift the parents to be, or new parents with a present during a baby shower or as a welcome to the world. Typically, giftees gift plush animals like teddy bears. However, if you want to think outside the toy box, what can you give?

teddy bear with red bow

The number one gift I suggest giving is a basket of batteries. Everything from Cs, Ds, AAs and AAAs. The amount of batteries that are needed for baby gear and baby toys is astonishing. Also, make sure to add a small screwdriver because those batteries have to go in those battery compartments, and the screws are often minuscule! This is my (affiliate) favorite set that you can find on Amazon. It covers all the bases! First-time parents may give you the side-eye, but they will be thanking you in the months to come.

Another gift idea that is atypical is a play tent. Many parents do not think about gifting a play tent until a child is three or older. However, play tents can really be a great part of a baby’s development. When they start to crawl, they will inevitably crawl to the tent to explore what is inside. Even non-crawling babies can enjoy peek-a-boo when you pull open the flaps of the tent. Even if you cannot fit inside, place a favorite stuffed animal inside and have peek-a-boo I see you playtime. As babies turn into toddlers, they will enjoy putting things in the tent and taking it out of the tent. Eventually, the play tent can be used for pretend play and a reading nook.

Here are some of my favorite play tents. I may get a small stipend from Amazon if you purchase something using one of the below links. Other great resources are Pottery Barn Baby and Crate and Barrel Kids for neutral options that fit nursery decor.

Kiddie Play Tent Bus (MSRP $29.99)

kiddie play tent bus
Image Source: Kiddie Play via Amazon

Melissa and Doug Play Tent (MSRP $65.00)

Pacific Play Tent Barn (MSRP $79.99)

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