Unexpected Toy Adoration

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There are so many toys out there. Developmental, playful, skill enhancing, you name it.  So when I was at a toy store with my infant son, I was browsing the shelves and a strange toy caught my eye. With bright colors, cute name, dumbbell shape and a giggle sound when shaken, it was an intriguing little object called the Wiggly Giggler.
I started to play with it for my own entertainment value, but when I looked down at the stroller, I found that my son was enchanted with it too.  While it was not in the infant area, it was a toy that captured his attention.
For about $4.00, I made the purchase and brought it home.  It was five months ago and it has been the best $4.00 I have spent on a toy. As a newborn, I could entertain him with the giggling sound and the bright colors. Later, the shape was perfect for his new hand grasp. Recently, it has been a great rattle.
The product is described as “durable and easy to grip, this 3 1/4″ rattle promotes fine motor skills and provides multiple sensory skills (sound, touch, balance/weight).”
Huh, I guess it was a skill development toy after all.
Is it safe toy? The product description states it is for children 3 months and up, but what they mean is that it is developmentally appropriate for that age range. However, the product generally is not suitable for children under 3 years because it does have small parts that a child could figure out how to access. So it is your judgement call. We have found it great for the early months and probably will put the toy away for the next couple of years and reintroduce it again at a later date.
You can find it at many local toy stores and online. Like all toys, it should be used with supervision and it may not be interesting to all children.  However, with so many aspects to this one little object, it may have something to please your child.

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