Treasures at Smugglers Notch Resort

Smugglers Notch Child Care is known as Treasures. It is a childcare center at Smuggler’s Notch Resort (Vermont) where babies six weeks old through toddlerhood can play, while adults can get some time to themselves. Yet, there is no need to feel guilty to have some ‘me’ time on a family vacation. This place is a total gem. Beginning with the mini-ski lessons for the 2.5+ year olds who are potty trained.

They serve lunch with ingredients from a local farm with a respect for any food allergies or sensitivities. Toys and top-notch staff round out the amazing space. The place is clean and organized. Plus, the toys are first-hand and not broken hand-me-downs often found at other resorts.

If your little one is a wee one, there is a beautiful screen porch where they can swing while looking at the beautiful mountains and the skiers and hikers walking by. All this is on the resort so you are just a ski-ride or a quick walk away. Whether you need an hour or a whole day, they are flexible and accomodating to make sure that the entire family has a great vacation.

My son spent the day at Treasures and as soon as we arrived, we were treated with respect and welcome. He was enchanted with the space and barely paid us attention when he saw the toys and other kids. Since he is not in a consistent daycare environment, we wondered how he would do. The staff saw (and understood) our anxiety and assured us that they would call if he did not adjust well. However, there was never a need for the call because he was singing, dancing, playing in a sandbox, having snacks and loving the fish tanks and mini-sinks that were just his height. We could also peek in through a one-way window to make sure everything was okay. He had a blast and we enjoyed a few hours of lunch and quiet time, without the guilt.

Smuggler’s Notch has vacation packages that includes a stay at Treasures or you can pay as you go, depending on your comfort level and needs during your vacation. If you want to schedule a massage, then you can request an hour at Treasures. Want to go on a hike or a canoe trip but have a 3 month old that can’t go along? Schedule a few of hours at Treasures. As parents, we want to spend time with our children and enjoy the family vacation, but there are times during that vacation where we need a vacation from the kids – even if it is just a lunch to connect with your spouse.
Often, there is plenty of things for kids 6+ to do at various Resorts. In fact, Smuggs has an amazing series of options for that age group too. Yet, not many resorts have options for babies and toddlers. In reality, many families have a four year old and two year old, or a six year old and a four year old and a two year old, but often have no options since the two year old is too ‘young’ for many activities. At Smuggler’s Notch Resort, with its “Treasures”, is the perfect destination for that option – whether you are a family of three or a family of six with a range of ages in the mix.
The price for a full day is approximately $85. (Check the website for current pricing.) It ends up being about $12 an hour. Where I am from, that is what is costs for a teenage babysitter to sit and watch The Wiggles on TV. Here you get quality staff, quality space, fun activities, a lunch and more.
I wasn’t expecting to be on camera so I don’t look my best, but I had to share the video because this place is the best.
Hear more about the staff and the options available. Overall, we were really impressed and as a result, have decided to make Smuggler’s Notch Resort, whether the fall, winter or summer, a destination for our growing family. See why at my full review here.

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