Treasure Trax: The Game for Kids

free product disclosureTreasure Trax™ is a new game by USAopoly (the company behind Scrabble, Monopoly and Candyland, to name a few) and is a game that my 4 year old absolutely adores. He requests to play it and wants to play it multiple times.
There are several ways you can play the Treasure Trax game. You use the three groupings of cards, which are identifiable by its shape. One grouping is pictures of objects and locations, like a staircase, telephone or refrigerator. Another grouping is pictures of animals and the last grouping of letters and colors.
Treasure Trax 1

Ways to Play Treasure Trax

One way is to use Treaure Trax is as a scavenger hunt. You hide a card by the refrigerator. And the card there shows a staircase. So your child runs to the staircase. On the staircase is a card with a picture of a telephone, so your child runs to the telephone…and so on.
Treasure trax
At the end of the amount of cards you want to use, you can have a prize if you want. We use the Treasure Trax bag to put something inside, like a snack, or some stickers or a new little toy. Other times, we just put the Treaure Trax bag at the end with the other cards, so you don’t have to have a prize every time, and seeing the bag is clear that the game is over!
Treasure Trax Charlene Chronicles
Another way to play the game is to make it a matching game. Take some cards with animals and some cards with the letters and colors and see if your child can match the card with the letter “D” to a card with an object that begins with the letter D. Or have your child match a card with the color “Brown” with an object that is the color brown.
Treasure Trax 3
To make the game even more of a challenge, mix the cards. For example, in the scavenger hunt, hide cards with colors or letters too. Your child runs to the telephone to find a card with the color red, then your child has to find the other card near something that is red. Then they find the next card at the Red Table!
treasure trax 2

Benefits of Treasure Trax

The age range is for kids 3+, but you can make it easier or harder with the number of cards you use. You could have 3 or 20 cards. The average game time is 5-10 minutes so you can work on attention span and build up to 10 minutes of playing time. I also use it with my 2 year old as a way to teach objects and identifying them. I love the flexibility of ages and the ways you can vary the difficulty.

This game is on my birthday party list – the cool game to buy for all of those kid birthday parties! Plus, the small, portable size, means it is also in my suitcase for our next family trip! Treasure Trax retails for about $20 and it is my predication that this game is going to be a classic game for kids for decades.

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