#ToyTuesday: Graffiblocks are Groovy!

My fun find this week is Graffiblocks! It is a kickstarter campaign that I hope gets funded. They sent me a sample to try out. I am glad I got to play with it before my kids saw it. They wouldn’t give them back once they saw the Graffi Blocks. They LOVED playing with them by drawing on them, erasing, drawing again. Graffiblocks are such a simple concept, but a blast!
Use the blocks to create cities, cars, people, or just stack them all and draw whatever comes to your imagination!
graffi blocks
Here is my own video that gives a glimpse of what are Graffiblocks:

What are Graffiblocks?

The block set comes with tools to design and erase the creations. The unique ink is refillable. There is also a good selection of colors to let imaginations soar! The blocks are sized for a variety of ages. They are also compatible with other brands of blocks that you may have. So Graffi Blocks can expand existing play potential, or they can be used on its own. Ultimately, Graffiblocks enables social interaction, coordination, teamwork, and artistry!
Want to get your own Graffi Blocks? Click here to be taken to the Kickstarter campaign. Pick the funding level to get your own set. They hope to launch in November inn time for the holidays. These will definitely be in my Holiday Gift Guide this fall!
Super fun!

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