Bracelet Boom and Dino-mite Toys: Toy Trends for 2020

Having seen many brands and products at Toy Fair New York, there are some interesting toy trends coming up this year. While The Toy Association had its toy trend list, there are some other toy themes I want to share.


With the boom of bracelets from Lucky Fortune by WowWee’s success, many brands are getting in on the arm party.
wowwee lucky fortune series
WowWee will have new Lucky Fortune bracelets and new packaging for 2020. From glitter and rings, to bigger sets and more bracelets per pack. Prices will range from $5-$20.
DIY bracelets
Lego is getting in on the bracelet bonanza with Lego DOTS. They are mini lego pieces that kids can attach to plastic bracelets to create unique mosaics or colors to match school themes. DOTS is ready for kids who love craft making and DIY projects. It lets kids design their new bracelets, over and over. Great for kids ages six and up and start at $3.99. Available March 1, 2020.

Alex Brands has Shake and Make Bracelets, and Moose Toys has a line of make-your-own/collectible jewelry called GoGoGatcha, including a bracelet set.


With Jurassic World: Dominion slated to hit theaters in June 2021, toy companies are gearing up for a dino-mite year leading up to the movie release.
dinosaur toys for girls
Mattel has new dinosaurs with more realistic play, and a new Netflix show called Camp Cretaceous coming in Fall 2020. Mattel will produce even more dinosaurs to relate to the show. They also have Cave Club, which has dinosaurs and content that will appeal to girls.
dinosaur kits
Alex Brands has the Dino Science Paleontology Kit. Kids learn all about dinosaurs with five fun activities, such as digging up and building a dinosaur skeleton, making a prehistoric insect fossil, growing and hatching a baby dinosaur, and much more! The kit will retail for $14.99 for kids eight and up. It will be available this spring.
dinosaur toys
The brand HBHP has the DinoMazing Egg Decorator. Pop open one of the plastic eggs included with the kit and decorate using the different colored markers! The machine holds and spins the eggs while the marker creates stripes, lines or other fun “prehistoric” designs. When kids are finished decorating, they can “crack” open the shell to discover a ‘surprise’ miniature and collectible dinosaur covered in cool colored slime! Kids can collect all six dinosaurs, including a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Velociraptor, and Ankylosaurus. For kids 3 and up and the retail is $24.99 available this spring.
dinosaur toys for toddlers
Even Learning Resources has a dinosaur to help kids learn! Steggy the Fine Motor Dinosaur introduces kids 18 months and up to new colors and numbers as they build hand strength, pincer grasp, and other fine motor essentials. Bonus! Steggy’s scales can be placed inside for easy storage. It will retail for $14.99 this spring.

You Tube/Social Media Licensing

While Ryan’s World has been on store shelves for a few years now, there are more YouTube Channels getting in on the product boom and licensing of toys.
Collins Key Moose Toys
Collins Key has their Fake Food Challenge product with Moose Toys. Inspired by popular creator and brothers Collins Key and Devan Key and their channel, this line of kits allow kids to make their own pranks and challenges at home. Players are encouraged to get creative and build their own fake food with reusable compounds and slime that can be mixed together in many ways.
taylen biggs hair accessories
In 2020, the Alex Brands will launch a spa line in collaboration with Taylen Biggs, a mini fashionista and social media maven. The Taylen Biggs x Alex Spa Collection will feature products ranging from pre-made buns and bows and hair sequins to nail pens and poppin’ polish for kids six and up. Prices range from $7.99 to $19.99. They are also partnering with another popular influencer for their Scientific Explorer’s line this fall. Stay tuned for more information on that.
CoComelon toys
CoComelon is a 3D animated series on youTube that features songs to help preschoolers learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more. The CoComelon line from Jazwares will include plush, bath play, and role-play toys; vehicles; and figurines. There will be a school bus, doll, Musical Checkup Case, figure packs, mini-vehicles and more! All toys will be geared for kids two and up and will be available in the fall.

Hair Accessories

With bows and scrunchies adoring heads everywhere, it was interesting to see many Toy brands meshing toys with tresses.
Spinmaster has a new Hatchimals Scrunch Bunch line with removable scrunchies that kids can use for under $7 each. (See my short video here.)
WowWee has a new Lucky Fortune Pack with hair bows and scrunchies that give you luck for $14.99 for a large unboxing experience too. (See my short video here.)
hollywood hair
Spinmaster has a new Cool Maker Hollywood Hair. Cool Maker Hollywood Hair. It’s a DIY studio that lets you design and create your own hair extensions. It will be available for Fall 2020 for kids seven and up at $24.99 a set. (You see it in action here.)
Also, keep an eye on Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys. There are some new things launching within that line. (Wink, Wink)
mermaid hair
Cra-Z-Art also has their Magix Hair Strandz. It’s super sparkling “add-in” for hair. Just tie and knot. Great for kids six and up and will retail for $5.99 for each pack.

Kung Fu/Ninjas

With Martial Arts being an Olympic sport for the Summer 2020 games, there is a resurgence of toys and games featuring Ninjas and Kung Fu.
ninja bots
Ninja Bots from Spinmaster is fun! These super cool robots have insane, wacky personalities and love to fight with their unique battling actions. Progress from a white belt (beginner mode) all the way to a black belt (master mode). The more you play, the more modes you will discover like speed smack, power
punch, defensive strike, stealth attack, counter strike, and even berserk mode! Ninja Bot features 100+
sound effects, color-changing eyes, bi-directional communication, IR sensor, multi-directional
movements and an articulating weapon. Available in single or two-pack varieties for the ultimate battle.
It will be available in Fall 2020 and for ages 6 starting at $30. (See my video here for a quick preview!)
martial arts games
Break the Board by Yulu is another fun martial arts-themed game. Quickly chop, swipe, and strike through 10 challenging levels. Compete with up to 9 other players to see who is the fastest! For kids six and up in the fall for $20.
You will also see Barbie in a Gi, and more themed toys I’ll share in the coming months.
So that is it for a quick toy trend recap of what I saw repeat in concept throughout Toy Fair 2020! Stay tuned for more toy content as part of my Playroom Chronicles series!

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