#ToyTuesday: Toy Cash Registers for Kids

Using a post-Christmas gift card last month, I came across this toy by Fisher Price called the Fisher Price Fun 2 Imagine Cash Register. I vaguely remember something similar as a child and I took a closer look. As I did, I knew I had found a toy that would make my son AND me, very happy. It is sold exclusively at Toys R Us for around $30.

There are colorful, numbered coins to sort and drop, buttons to press, and popping, spinning, rolling action. For a younger child, just pressing the buttons can be exciting. For an older child, imaginary play can take over. All without batteries.
toy tuesday toy cash registers for kids
What makes this particular toy stand out is the functionality and the growth potential; the refreshing action of the coins being dropped into the cash register; the change clang; and the ding of cash register drawer; role-playing; and educational opportunities to discuss money, math and colors. Yet, no USB ports and no battery replacement. Just pure play.
Other toy cash register options, with more electronic components, include the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register.

What I like about this one is that there is faux money so older kids can start getting a sense of what real money looks like and how to distinguish between pennies and dimes. Thus, it is best for kids 5+ and it retails for around $45. There is even a built in scanner and scale, three learning levels, and even a credit card function.
There are other toy cash register versions from different manufacturers you might also want to consider. You can see most of the Toy Cash Registers on (affiliate) Amazon!
With whichever product you choose, you’ll get longevity in play by adding a toy cash register to your playroom so a growing child can find various methods of toy interaction and learning opportunities at certain development points.

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