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A couple weeks ago, I did a whirlwind trip to NYC for Toy Fair 2012. While it is actually a four day trade show, I went for a rapid 24 hours, with a couple of great pre-events thanks to Hasbro and
While I’ll be posting the highlights of what I thought were the coolest toys coming out later this spring and in the fall (yes, I got a sneak peek), I want to share toys that you can get right now. So if a birthday is coming up or other special event, I have some, what I think, are really cool picks.
I saw a lot of these at the Time to Play event last fall so my picks are based on interacting with some of these toys. But frankly, most of my picks are based on my toy snobbery and my Mom-stincts. Yet, I know that every child has different interests and parents have varying budget, which why I tried to select something for everyone and every wallet. From infants to tweens, I would love to hear what you think!
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