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Do you wonder which toys to invest in for the best long-term value? 

  • Discover which toys will provide the most play value.
  • Learn why your kids will play with these toys from toddlers all the way to teen years.
  • Find that these toys are great for grandparents to have on hand too!

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Hey There, I'm Charlene!

For the past ten years, I have been a contributing editor for a toy media company. I’ve appeared in over 80 toy-related television segments and have been an event planner in the toy industry —and I'm a Mom too.

I have a talent for understanding what toys can offer beyond the box. I created Playroom Chronicles to help parents like you tackle the toys!

I hope my posts, video series, resources, and tutorials will help you learn to educate, entertain and engage the children in your life.

Let’s be play partners as we chronicle life in toys together!

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