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School has begun! {Yay!}. But so begins the list of requirements. It is always that first week or two that teachers seem to not only assign copious amounts of homework, but also assign a long list of supplies and necessities for the year.
For example, I just went to my son and daughter’s Parent Night at their new preschool. I left with a list of things I need to bring for school (and a headache).

  • Labeled Backpack
  • Labeled Diapers
  • Labeled Slippers
  • Labeled Backup Clothes
  • Labeled Water Bottle
  • Labeled Child

Kidding on that last one, but I felt like I should slap a label on their foreheads too. Yet, it is a necessary parental requirement from preschool to college. You can, of course, skip it. Or you can never get the stuff you sent to school for them ever again. You know, those piles of “Lost and Found” things at the end of the school year, the frantic emails from fellow parents that say, “Did anyone get Cody’s underwear with Spiderman on it?,” or the phone call from your college kid asking for another stapler because his roommate insists the purple stapler is his.
You can go the old fashioned Sharpie route, or you can use fun labels. You can DIY it, but there are some great Back to School labels, and companies out there, at great prices. Here are my top three labels for kids:
Kidecals-CollageKidcals: This company specializes in waterproof name labels, wall decals, gift labels, organizing labels, and keyboard stickers. Its stuff has been featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America, and other cool spots. The prices range from $9-44, and my personal favorite is the keyboard stickers. Perfect for even the college bound kid, or if you have used your laptop so much that the ‘E’ has worn off. Use the code “back2school15” by October 15, 2014 for 15% off your order at
Label Daddy: Cute and fun labels are hallmark of this company. They have unique labels, like MLB themed labels so your little fan can sport a team-inspired label on his water bottle. They even have labels where you can use your child’s photo. Then they can know what shoes are theirs by finding their picture, which is great if they can’t read their name yet. Other notables include labels for spices and even your garbage can. Prices range from $11-50. Use code USFAMILY20 for 20% off your order at
ad-300x250Lovable Labels: This popular company has durable personalized labels, tags, and safety products. It’s labels can withstand the dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer and, the greatest test, your child. {Amen to that, right toddler parents?”} They have allergy bands and even tags for zippers! (Perfect for gym bags and coats!)
Plus, Lovable Labels is giving away, to one lucky person! A Back-to-School Pack with 165 labels valued at $44.95! Just use the form below to be entered to win! Contest ends on September 13 at 12:00am ET and full rules can be found here.

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So don’t forget to label the baseball bat, the baseball glove, the football helmet, and the Spiderman underwear. And while you are at it, label your own stuff too (like your husband’s racquet and your yoga mat).

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