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I love Tiny Love – a baby gear company that gets Mom-hood, and I am so excited they participated in our Gender Reveal Twitter party.
I first learned about Tiny Love, like most of us Moms, when I had my first child. The very first thing that we bought was Follow Me Fred; before we bought a crib, clothes and the myriad of other things you need for a new baby, this was the first thing we brought home. (I’m still really sentimental about it.)

Then I bought an Tiny Love activity mat (Gymini Monkey Island) that the was the best thing for the first year of his life. I still have it.

But in the 3 years since I first discovered Tiny Love, they have totally taken their products to the next level. How? Because they listened to Moms like us to make the gear even more splendicious. These are things that new Moms don’t think of. But once you’ve “been there, done that”, you know how the littlest features can actually make your life so much better.
I got a first hand look at their line when I was at Toy Fair 2012. Their new bouncer, the Princess Gymini Bouncer (as well as the gender neutral version), took into the account the biggest complaint Moms’ had about bouncers: you have to angle your baby in order to get them in and out of the bouncer because of the crossbar. But Tiny Love made two side bars that are adjustable. So you can bring them in for baby to play or push them out to get the baby out. Plus, the hanging toys can slide up and down the bars as the baby gets older. No baby frustration! (And as a result, no Mom meltdowns.)
The activity mat is similar. The cross bars are adjustable so you can lower them down (without having to dislodge them) to get baby in and out. You can leave it lower for newborns to reach or raise it higher as baby grows. The mat itself is extra cushy compared to other activity mats and it is easy to take off the bars, roll it up and bring it to grandma and grandpa’s house.
Tiny Love also has stroller toys, soothers, activity toys and mobiles with special touches that make the function, as well as the form, superior to similar products on the market. Like this musical take along mobile (I’ve got to get this). You can easily attach it to a crib, a stroller, a play yard, a bouncer, a car seat (when the car seat is not in the car) – one product that you can use in 5 different ways. (Genius.) During the Gender Reveal Twitter Party we gave away a Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile. Perfect for a variety of cribs, but later (with its built in handle) it’s fabulous for your toddler to carry around and play with. (So smart to have a product that can grow with your child!)
So if you are going to a baby shower or having a baby yourself (even if it’s your second or third!) then check out Tiny Love. Magic Beans carries most of the line, as well as other online retailers!


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