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I love it when my review of toys coincides with my families activities and this new game/toy from Tiggly called Tiggle Words does that! It’s an iPad or Android app that can use objects to create interactive learning. (Plus, Tiggly also has Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Math, of which the later reminds me of the math chains in Montessori school!)
One of my children is learning to spell and read, and this is a perfect way to let him play with his iPad, and practice spelling patterns, short and long vowels and word building and story telling. It reinforces what he is learning in school, but in a creative and playful way that makes it, well, not feel like school!
Tiggly Toys Words Interactive Learning Review
The Tiggly Words is ideal for kids 4-8 years of age and comes with five letters and three codes for Tiggly Doctor, Tiggly Tales and Tiggly Submarine. Though there are more Tiggly apps that you can purchase for more play value. The Tiggly apps work with Android devices (other than the Kindle) and iPad devices (other than the iPad 1). The five letters are A, E, I, O, U.
The toys/letters are rounded with no sharp edges, and don’t require batteries, wifi or bluetooth. The games just seem to react to the placement of the letter on the surface of the iPad and recognizes the shape of the letter. (Tip: make sure one of the ‘dots’ on the back of the Tiggly letter touch the letter on the screen – not much pressure is needed!) As a result, a child is rewarded with a fun scene that is uncovered when playing. It uses a variety of senses – touch and feel, and cause and effect, which can be extremely encouraging for kids.

One feature I loved as a parent is when there are multiple vowels my child has to fill in and the app sounds out the word depending on the letter that is (or isn’t there) and it changes depending on how many letters they have or haven’t placed yet. A small feature but it shows the thought that went into the game!
There is a soft carrying pouch so you can tuck into a suitcase or bag for on-the-go travel, as well as just keep the letters together when not playing. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The retail value of Tiggly Words (and Tiggly Math and Shapes) is $29.99. A great place to buy is one on Amazon.com
It is a simple concept that has a lot of play value and learning levels. It is a fun gift for the holidays or birthdays – or just get one to help your kids learn – or reinforce the lessons they have at school – to help them be successful.

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