The 2018 American Girl Doll is out of this world.

Meet Luciana Vega, the newest American Girl Doll set to be launched on January 1st. In my opinion, they have a hit on their hands.


This is not because I once entered a contest with the hope of winning a spot at Space Camp. (Instead, I won a year of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.) It is because, finally, there is a Girl of the Year that is focused on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Plus, within the STEM, specifically focused on space, planet exploration, and the universe. There is also a subtle message that all girls can reach for the sky. That they can reach to ‘infinity and beyond’ with anything to which they set their minds.

Image Credit: ABC News.

STEM Focus

While the focus is on galaxies, stars, and meteors, it is education that few ‘girl’ toys focus on. Thus is makes this doll a potential game changer for toys in 2018. If this doll is as popular as I think it will be, other toy companies will take note. Plus, I am also interested in seeing what are the play accessories that will be available for purchase as the year progresses. So even if you don’t get the new doll, per se, your child can get the gear to role play and learn about space science with their existing AG bestie.


From reports, American Girl took the doll’s character and story line seriously by enlisting women astronauts for their input. This is an important factor as the whole thing could be a laughing stock if not done correctly. Women in these fields already have men thinking of them as a joke in their field. I wouldn’t want to see AG perpetuate this viewpoint. With real stories, true to life gear, and a strong character, they could really inspire many future scientists, engineers and astronauts to name a few.

Image Credit: ABC News

Luciana Vega

Another factor/feature is that the doll is one with hispanic heritage. A welcome addition to the AG girl line up. Well done, AG for making sure all ethnicities are represented in their premium line. Luciana is an ambitious 11-year-old Chilean who is ready to do what it takes to become an astronaut and explore Mars.
I definitely cannot wait to see them in store. What about you?

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