Super Max the Turtle by Cloud b

Are there causes or stories that resonate with you? Especially when the cause and story go hand in hand? There is one that I heard about at Toy Fair 2015 and was excited to learn more about it. Fast forward a few months, it made sense to share the story with you now in honor of Brain Cancer Awareness Month (May).
While I write these words, there are over 100 pediatric cancer survivors delivering care packages to other children around the world. One of the items is Super Max the Turtle from Cloud b.
maxlove project
Most of us parents know of the Twilight Turtle from Cloud b and it was probably (and in our case, still is) a bedtime and bedroom staple. It also became a staple of a little boy named Max who began battling brain cancer in 2011. His Mom bought him a Twilight Turtle for the darkness in his room and he fell in love with the ‘healing stars’.
As a result, Max’s parent wanted to give Twilight Turtles to other kids fighting cancer. They reached out to Cloud b and Cloud b donated lots of Twilight Turtles to the cause (and such a moving one). Since then, the MaxLove Project was born and began a partnership with Cloud b to develop Super Max the Turtle.
Max the turtle by cloud b
Compared to the Twilight Turtle, Super Max the Turtle is entirely plastic (as opposed to the part plastic, part plush of the Twilight Turtle) so it can be sanitized in a hospital environment. Super Max the Turtle fits in the hand of an adult (much smaller than the Twilight Turtle) so it can be more portable. Some other features developed with input from health professionals is that Super Max the Turtle has a 45 minute auto shut off timer and the turtle can project blue, amber or green stars (or rotate through all of them.)
super max turtle cloud b
Green is the color of Nature and the earth, and a universal healing color with ancient Egyptians and Chinese because the color is midway in the color spectrum; equal balance and equal harmony. Blue is considered an antiseptic color and the amber one of happiness. Hence, why many people like the green, blue and amber colors of the Cloud b Super Max the Turtle.
maxlove project
Super Max the Turtle also comes with a paper book of Max the Turtle who becomes Super Max, a rainbow-caped super hero sining his light wherever he goes to heal those who need it most. Plus, Cloud b is donating a portion of its proceeds to the MaxLove Project, which helps kids thrive against cancer and life threatening conditions.
You can find Super Max the Turtle at speciality retailers for $21.95. It is perfect for a new baby, a travel companion when you need to leave your regular Twilight Turtle at home, or something to buy and donate to a child (or even an adult) in need.
I desperately wish we didn’t have to have posts about children battling cancer, but since I cannot stop it, at least I can spread the word on a little turtle that can provide hope, support and a smile for those that have to face a health care battle.

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