The Best Summer Olympics Themed Party Ideas

When the Summer Olympics roll around, it is always fun to have an Olympic Themed Party! It is unique, and it has tons of fun potential! Here are some Summer Olympics themed party ideas to make it medal-worthy where your guests give you a gold medal for the all-around best Summer Olympic party ever!

summer olympic themed party ideas
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As an event planner in the toy industry and as a toy expert, I always look to toys for inspiration because toys can bring the theme to life! So, here are six summer Olympic-themed party ideas with toys suggestions so you can have the ultimate summer Olympic-themed party that your guests will be talking about until the next Olympics!

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summer olympic themed party ideas swimming

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Swimming

We all know that swimming is a big part of the summer Olympics. So it can be a big part of your party – whether or not you have a pool!

If you have a pool, grab one of these new Swimways Spring Floats. I love these because they inflate 3-5x faster than regular floats, and you don’t need a pump. Plus, they dry super fast and are heavy construction for those races! So it is great to have on hand at a party for sure.

Have two Swimways Spring Floats on hand where guests sit in each. Then have the ‘olympians’ get in and use their hands to paddle to one end of the pool and back. Make it funnier when they can only use one hand at a time! I suggest the SPRING FLOAT RECLINER POOL LOUNGER or the SPRING FLOAT POOL PAPASAN LOUNGER.

Definitely check out the H2OGO! BEACH BOUNCE KIDS INFLATABLE WATER PARK if you don’t have a pool. It inflates in 3 minutes. Kids can slide down the slide into the splash pool. Then run around the perimeter, hop over the obstacles, and do it again! You can make the winner the one that has the fastest.

summer olympic themed party ideas golf

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Golf

Whether young or old, most party-goers love golf. Set up round robins or brackets and ultimately give gold, silver, and bronze medals to the winner! Two suggestions are BIRDIE GOLF from Hog Wild and COSMIC MINI GOLF from 4 Fun/B4 Adventure.

Birdie Golf from HogWild combines golf and badminton, making it a unique take on the sport! The birdies are actually safer in a party setting because they stay in play and don’t roll away. Plus, the balls and the clubs are not as dense as typical golf balls and golf clubs. Also, the design is for open-ended play. Meaning you never have to play the same hole twice, so if you play in brackets, you can change the game each time to make it interesting!

The Comic Mini Golf set from 4 Fun comes with a putter, balls, and many obstacles such as tunnels, ramps, zig-zags, bridges, and moving obstacles such as the traditional windmill. Set up is simple. Just roll out the golf mat and set up the obstacles in any configuration. Then change the courses for each progression to the gold medal!

summer olympic themed party ideas triathalon

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Triathalon

While triathlons are typically swimming, cycling, and running, you get set up your own course with a trio of activities.

You can keep it simple, grabbing lots of hula hoops. Lay 10 in a diagonal pattern on the ground, and guests have to hop through the hula hoops for round one. Then hang a hula hoop from a tree or tape it to an object, so it is upright. Kids have to toss a ball through the hula hoop for round two! Then get more hula hoops and some ground stakes. Stake them upright to the ground in a tunnel pattern – space a foot apart – so they have to crawl through the hula hoop tunnel for round three! Consider at least getting one hoop for each guest. Not only can you use the hoops for your Triathlon (or Triathoop), but then at the end of your Summer Olympics party, each guest can take one hoop home as a party favor.

If you want a more ready-made set, then consider the American Ninja Warrior Family Agility Set. Out of the box, it comes with everything you need for your party Triathlon with one adjustable hurdle, one jump-through hoop, five agility poles, and one 24-inch tunnel!

summer olympic themed party ideas archery

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Archery/Shooting

Set up some empty cups, and then grab a foam blaster or archery kit and have some fun! You can even make it wet for summer with water blasters too! Pick one set or set up three zones for foam, archery, and water!

If you want to go the water route, check the X-SHOT EPIC FAST-FILL from Zuru. It can be filled with water in a couple of seconds and hold more than five cups of water and can blast up to nearly 34 feet in four different ways. Set up some paper or plastic cups and have kids blast the cups down. Whoever knocks the most down wins the round or give each cup a point value. A waterless option is the X-SHOT DINO ATTACK SET from Zuru. It has the targets included, two blasters, and the darts in one set!

Lastly, if you want to try archery, then check out Zing. They have HYPERSTRIKE sets that are foam darts. Get cups – that can be knocked over with the point value written on each cup – to result in points! Want to push the boundary a bit? Check out the Zing Zax for a fun alternative!

summer olympic themed party ideas basketball

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Basketball

If you have a basketball hoop at home, this is an easy option! Play a game or shoot hoops. Whoever gets the most baskets in a row, for example. If you don’t have a basketball hoop, there are lots of fun options! A wow one is the LITTLE TIKES INFLATABLE BACKYARD SOCCER AND BASKETBALL COURT. This inflatable court can hold up to 8 kids at once and inflates in minutes for the ultimate backyard b-ball!

Alternatively, consider the POP-A-SHOT OFFICIAL DUAL SHOT SPORTS ARCADE BASKETBALL GAME. It features 10 different basketball games and six audio options and a 3-digit scoreboard for the ultimate basketball battle!

If you don’t want to add basketball to the mix, consider things like corn hole games or horseshoes!

summer olympic themed party ideas equestrian

Summer Olympics Party Idea – Equestrian

While you probably don’t have a horse in your backyard (or want people racing it even if you do) – you can emulate some equestrian activities with the Flybar Waddle Bouncer! These hoppers support up to 250 pounds and come in Purple or Pink Unicorn, Dinosaur, and Bull characters. The price point is amazing for the functionality of these. Guest can line up on their Waddle of choice and then race to the end of the lawn and back! Make it more fun with racing heats. Each time, add some challenges, like having to go around cones or hold an egg in a spoon simultaneously! When the racing is done, these make great alternative seating when having an Olympic BBQ.

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Best Summer Party Theme For Outdoor Parties!

So hopefully, these six Summer Olympics themed party ideas get you excited to plan your party! Whether racing or riding, swimming, or shooting pretend arrows, these games and toys will make your backyard a blast this summer!

Consider focusing on one sport or do them all! Set up stations around the backyard and everyone gets a chance to try each! Then you can award Gold. Bronze and Silver medals for each with an overall All-Around winner! Make sure to have prizes and medals or ribbons on hand!

summer olympic themed party ideas for outdoor summer parties

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