My Stroller Savior

A good amount of products come across my doorstep (and some never do because I only review those things that seem promising!) Some have flaws but are still fabulous, and some are fabulous even if they have some flaws. Yet, there are a few products that I absolutely love personally in my own life. One is the Joovy VaryLight Caboose Stroller.
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I’ve reviewed a lot of strollers, but this one is in my top five stroller list. It also has personally changed my life, and, frankly, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t say that! After the birth of my daughter two year ago, I never got a “double” stroller because my 2.5 year old son never liked being in a stroller. By that point, he could walk so I just figured I’d just use my old strollers and he could walk. Or perhaps use a boogie board attachment so he could stand.
Well my friends, that totally backfired. I dreaded going anywhere that required walking. Like the mall or the park, the city or the local farm. He just couldn’t keep up as a little 2 year old, and I needed to get things done fast. Or he would be distracted by toys in a window display, or would start climbing over equipment. Then my daughter in the stroller would want to get out, or would cry because we were going anywhere since I was dealing with him going awol. It was a cluster.
The boogie board didn’t work because he would get tired. Mommy, I want to sit down. Or he wanted a snack. In the ‘old’ days, I would have a nice snack tray for him. For those of you reading this without kids and are wondering how crappy of a Mom I am, then just wait until you have kids. If you have kids, then you get the Mom of the Year award ‘kay? For the rest of us, we have to make do with our less than stellar Mom skills. Things are easier when they can be strapped in, you can zip around, and they can eat gold fish and drink apple juice in the process. (Which I water down the Apple Juice, less you think I’m that crappy…geez.)
So why did the Joovy Varylight Caboose Stroller save my Mom life? Read about it here.

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