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If you are looking for a Stroller Rental in Orlando, then read on to learn more about Kingdom Stroller Rental!

Last month we went on a Disney Vacation for the first time as a family with two kids. We also stayed on Disney property, which is somewhat rare for me. So despite 30 years of Disney memories, this was going to be challenging as I started a new Disney chapter.

Us, Disney and Our Baby Jogger City Mini Double from Kingdom Stroller Rental

It began with the stroller.

In planning our vacation, I realized I would need a stroller. At a minimum, for my five month old, but I also considered it for my non-stroller three year old. He rarely is in a stroller when we do errands around town, but I do seek out shopping carts. Knowing the long days, crowds, and his little legs, I knew I needed something for him too.

Not knocking Disney strollers, I knew those were not an option for us as I needed a double, but the Disney Stroller Doubles don’t accommodate babies. So we had to bring our own or rent through an non-Disney Rental company. Since I don’t own a double, or a single stroller with a glider board, I needed the latter. I also needed a stroller outside the Disney parks.

The strollers you rent from Disney, you have to return at the front of the park. For example, you arrive at Magic Kingdom and you rent a Disney Stroller. When you leave the Magic Kingdom to go to Epcot, you need to return the Disney stroller at the front of Magic Kingdom, board the Monorail, go to Epcot, and wait in line again to get another Disney Stroller (and risk not getting one if they are all occupied during the busy season.) If you are going back to your resort, you need to return the stroller at the Theme Park and there are no other stroller options at the Resorts. So we knew we needed to rent a stroller from a third-party.

Do a Google search for Orlando-based Stroller Rental Companies and you get a solid number from which to choose. Yet, after researching a couple of the companies, I was compelled to consider Kingdom Strollers.

I loved the design of their site and their pricing was competitive. They offer free delivery to any Orlando attraction area hotels, resorts and vacation homes, at any time you want. On their website, you can select a single or double stroller with a parent console included with every one, and a rain cover and a stroller cooler free of charge if you want it. What I also liked was the option to select a stroller and add a glider board (35lb weight limit) or car seat adapter on certain stroller models. So, if you have three+ kids, or a baby, you are totally covered.

When you place your order, you select what name you want on your Stroller, as each stroller rental (you will see a lot of them at Disney) has a sign on it with the name of the Stroller Rental Company and your family name (so you know which stroller is yours.) Since we have a common last name, we decided to use our Kids first names to avoid confusion. You can put anything you want.

One major concern my husband had in this whole process, was the cleanness of the stroller. A valid concern since strollers can get pretty messy with kids! Yet, the Kingdom Strollers website stated that they clean with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner AND steam sanitize each and every stroller before delivering it to your hotel, resort or vacation home.

Based on all of this, we went with Kingdom Strollers and selected the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. I am a huge fan of the City Mini as I am an owner of a single. So I knew how easy it was to open and close, how fantastic the sun canopy is, how easy it is to manuver, how comfortable it is to push, how easy it is to adjust the harnesses and the seat recline, and the range of the recline so I can get a tired toddler or a sleepy six month old to take a nap.

Yet, Kingdom Strollers also has the Baby Jogger City Elite Single and Double, the Baby Jogger Mini-GT Single and Double and the Bob Single and Dualie if you are looking for more options. Yet, the City Mini single and double have the lowest rental rate and is a great option for the money. I can’t say enough about this stroller.

Perfect Place for Snacks in their City Mini from Kingdom Stroller!

As I mentioned before, the Kingdom Strollers offers car seat adapters and glider boards for the single and double Baby Jogger models. Since my daughter was five months, we knew she would be okay in a stroller without a car seat, and with the fantastic recline options this stroller offers, I had flexibility in making sure she was okay. I went with the double vs. the single with a Glider Board, because my son was only three. I thought that he may be too tired to stand, even being pushed on a Glider Board, after a day at the parks or waiting for the Disney Transportation buses. Plus, he still naps, so I wanted the option of having him be able to snooze. So the double was the best choice for us. However, the fact that Kingdom Strollers offers a variety of strollers and accessories, it is easy to customize it to your vacation needs or family structure!

Just before I finalized my order, I had a question and noticed that the website stated they try to respond to emails within five minutes. I didn’t think much of it, so I was (pleasantly) surprised to get an immediate response. Great customer service so far!

I scheduled the stroller to be delivered at 1pm, even though we weren’t arriving at the resort until 2pm, but I wanted to make sure it was ready for us. When we arrived, there was some confusion. The front desk said that the stroller wasn’t there! I immediately called Kingdom Strollers and they answered my call ASAP. Turns out that the front desk was looking for the stroller under my last name, not the name we provided for the sign on our stroller (remember: kids names). Due to the fact that Kindgdom Strollers was on call and clarified what might be the problem, I called the Front Desk again, they found it and delivered it right to our room. So if you decide to get cutesie with the name for your stroller, remember to use that name to pick up your stroller at the resort! Kuddos to Kingdom Strollers for clueing me in on that one. Their fast response got us on our merry (vacation) way!

When we got the stroller, it was spotless! Plus, it came with all the accessories I had requested. We put the kids in the stroller and we went off to dinner. Then, for the next six days of our stay, it was clear that we made a great decision. The stroller was a dream to use, even when we had to collapse it to get on the Disney Transportation Buses and open it again when we got to our destination. It seemed we had to do that a lot, but it was easy (and fast.) The kids napped or had a snack while taking a break or watching a parade. When the park got crazy at park close, it was great to get them in the stroller for safety considerations too.

Watching the Disney Fireworks from their Kingdom Stroller

Even folded, it was a manageable weight to handle when getting it on and off the bus. Despite being a double, it easily fit into the monorail or through doorways in shops and restaurants. When we had to park it outside of an attraction, we made sure that we had a colorful balloon or a bright red bow on the stroller handle so we could find it in the crowd. As a mentioned before, a lot of people rent their strollers and the Baby Jogger City Mini is a popular option. Having a distinct object on the stroller made it easy to find when we need to.

On the day we were checking out, I just pushed the stroller with the kids in it up to the area where we were taking the Magical Express Bus back to the airport. We got the kids out and gave the stroller to a Cast Member and off we went. It couldn’t have been easier. My only suggestion, in retrospect, is that I didn’t have any proof that I returned it. So if that is a similar concern, just get a receipt from the Cast Member with your name, the name of the stroller rental company, the type of stroller and the time you dropped it off.

Some other things to note, Kingdom Strollers enables you to extend your stroller rental in the middle of your vacation if you realize what a blessing it is, or you can cancel your order without penalty if you give 48 hours notice. If you want to order more than one stroller, you can do that too and get a 10% discount. If you are worried about the Kingdom Stroller getting stolen or damaged, you can purchase insurance, which was a really reasonable fee. I decided to go with it because often the stroller is out of my site when you have to park it to visit Disney attractions or have to store it on the Disney buses. They also have special needs strollers too.

While I didn’t try out this service, Kingdom Strollers also offers crib rentals with real cribs – not pack–n-plays. While many of the Disney Resorts offer a pack-in-play option for free, they can’t guarantee it. So if you find yourself without one, give Kingdom Strollers a call. Based on my experience with this stroller, I have a feeling they will get you a crib lickity-split. Or if you are staying in a home, this is a great option so you don’t have to pack your own pack-in-play. And overall, a real crib is preferable for many parents.

All in all, Kingdom Strollers has an easy to navigate and use website, great prices, lots of options in terms of strollers & stroller accessories, fantastic delivery, and little extras, like discounts, double cleaning, insurance, responsive staff, and an overall ‘want to make you happy’ vibe.

So, yes, like I said in the beginning, there are a lot of Stroller Rental Companies, but this is a stroller rental rockstar in my book!


Image Credit: My Own. All Rights Reserved.
Disclosure: Kingdom Strollers provided me with a complimentary 7 night stroller rental. All thoughts, experiences, opinions and content, however, is my own.

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