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The Holiday of Play event, hosted by The Toy Insider, was an epic virtual display of holiday wonder! It was so fun to attend (and organize the event!) One great thing about going to parties is getting a goody bag, and even though Holiday of Play was virtual, most attendees were able to get a box of swag! The theme was Stocking Stuffer Style, which is a great theme for a Holiday Swag box!
The following companies donated swag – Just Play, Crayola, Bonkers, Educational Insights, Zuru, Exploding Kittens, and Playmonster. Keep reading below to see what the toys they donated – and why these toys should make it into your stockings this year. Plus, watch my 50-second video!

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Disney Doorables (Just Play)

I have been a fan of these for a few years now and have some in my toy collection. So, I was excited to get the new series. One of the things that makes Disney Doorables from Just Play a great stocking stuffer (they come in various sized packs) is that they are great for kids to play with and great for kids and adults to collect. I always recommend to anyone traveling to Disney to pick some of these up before traveling as they are great souvenirs to give to kids, instead of expensive park prizes. Purchase on Amazon.

Glitter Dots Key Chains (Crayola)

Glitter Dots from Crayola came out last year, and, as a family, we are big fans. I always keep a stash in the closet as they are perfect for playdates. Each child gets a little playdate memento and is a fun craft activity to do during the playdate. There are various options, from cards to bookmarks, but the keychains are a lot of fun. They are great to display on backpacks, and they are a fun gift to give grandparents too! Purchase on Amazon.

Playfoam Kits (Educational Insights)
You can find a variety of Playfoam kits from Educational Insights, but these are nice for travel and playdates. A big enough size to be occupied and a nice art display piece post-production! The texture is interesting to kids, as the little balls are a nice sensory feel and the ability to manipulate into shapes makes it interesting for play possibilities. Some kits are perfect for stockings, and others are great gifts. Purchase on Amazon.

5 Surprise Mini Brands, Mini Toys and Hairy Slime (Zuru)

There are over 100 mini products to collect in the latest mini-brand series. and the mini toy series, from Zuru. Pint-size collectibles that reflect real-world products in the mini brands are adorable. I got a mini bottle of Tresemme shampoo and McCormick Spices. The mini toys are even cuter! These are hot collectibles for the holidays, but they actually have a lot of play value because a display stand is included so kids can have fun with pretend play. Plus, the mini products are perfectly sized for 18-inch dolls! Slime is still popular as ever, but Zuru has hairy slime – it is slime with bits of (pretend) dirt, hair, and other kid-approved gross-ness. These are especially awesome for birthday parties! Purchase on Amazon.

Hatichimals Pixie Riders (Spin Master)

These Pixies from Spin Master have fluttery wings, poseable legs, and come with a matching Glider she can ride! Both have beautiful mystical details and poseable heads. Each duo includes 4 matching accessories and 1 of 10 unique features to discover, like fuzzy, color change, metallic, and more! The box becomes a playset and display for your Pixies Riders! Each box has different artwork to enhance your magical Hatchimals storytelling. There are ten to collect. The packaging is a bit too big for a stocking but if you remove all the plastic and cardboard, it can squeeze into one. Purchase on Amazon.

Exploding Kittens Card Game
This game is ideal for a gift or a stocking stuffer, and fun to play with anyone seven years old and up. The game is highly strategic. Players draw cards until someone gets the card with a picture of an exploding kitten on it. Then they are out – unless they have a defuse card (which are hilarious). All the other cards are ways to avoid the exploding kitten! Purchase on Amazon.

Relative Insanity, See What I Mean (Playmonster)

This game from Playmonster is for anyone ages 14 and up. The gist is you get a photo card and a caption card to play with it. Then everyone votes on the funniest caption with the picture. It is a great family game and party game – and easy to pick up and play. So it is an ideal game gift for the holidays when I don’t know what to get someone! Purchase on Amazon.

Trinity and Beyond (Bonkers Toys)

Our family does not watch any YouTube so we are unfamiliar with popular kid channels, but Trinity and Beyond from Bonkers Toys is a toy line based on one. However, the collectible buildable figure blind packs are really adorable and are nicely designed. So even if your kids are not fans, they may be fans of the mini-collectible toys. Plus, the blind packs are great for stockings. Purchase on Amazon.
Hopefully, this helps you with some of your holiday shopping toy needs! Make sure to follow me on social media or this blog for updates with more toy ideas in the weeks ahead!

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