Customize and Craft Your Own Face Mask!

Printable Custom DIY Face Masks
We all may feel mask-weary, but we know how important wearing face masks are for public health during the Coronavirus pandemic. So, what do we do to keep our kids engaged in face mask-wearing? Use the new SnapStyle Printable Masks at Walmart and Amazon! It is a great way to make printable, custom, and DIY face masks at home!


Create customized disposable face masks with the SnapStyle Printable Face Mask Kit by Skyrocket. Using fabric-printing technology and your mobile device, you can replicate almost any picture, pattern, or other artwork directly onto a 100% cotton protective mask. The entire process takes about five minutes! Design masks that coordinate with your outfit, show school spirit, promote your company, celebrate a holiday, or share your favorite food, pet, or fandom!
Snap or pull from your camera roll any picture, pattern, or design. Then use the Mask Creator app to adjust and preview the mask. Print the mask to an inkjet printer, then cut out, fold and attach ear loops and comfort nose band using the heat-activated adhesive. Everything you need is included in the kit, and there is no sewing required! Masks can be sized to fit children and adults too, but the kit itself is recommended for ages three and up.
This is a fun kit for the holidays too. Instead of matching pajamas, send everyone one matching face masks for holiday fun. Give a kit to everyone in a Scout or school group and have them virtually make them for a fun remote craft party. Alternatively, design them for your kids and yourself. Make masks for birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays! If you are raising money for a charity, promote your fundraising efforts. The possibilities are endless and a fun process too!

The kit’s face masks have been rigorously designed and tested. The masks meet the World Health Organization guidelines for barrier masks and AFNOR guidance on filtration and breathability. The mask kit ranges from about $9.99 for a 2-Pack, $17.99 for a 4-Pack, and $39.99 10-pack. Learn more at! Or buy one on (affiliate) Amazon here!

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