Simple Tips for Classy Holiday Entertaining

As we were shopping for hot holiday toys at BJ’s Wholesale Club recently, we were also picking up soda and snacks for our holiday entertaining. As we strolled the aisles, we also saw the most yummy treats like gourmet brownie trays, pumpkin cream cheese bakery rolls, Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, and amazing appetizers. With all of the prepared food that looked like a caterer had made it, I was seriously tempted to host the holidays at my house.
However, I came to my senses when I thought about the in-laws, so I decided just to pick up a platter of brownies for us. But if you are hosting a holiday event at your house, save some money on catering fees and you’ll find most of what you are looking for at BJs. The stuff looks like you did hire a caterer, but the prices save you some serious dough!
tips for easy holiday entertaining

Four tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining

(1) You can pick up a variety of nuts and olives to serve on a beautiful platter for your guests to nosh on as they arrive and settle in with a drink. (Some of the BJs locations sell alcohol too.)
(2) Then serve more hearty, hot appetizers as everyone settles in. My favorite is the bacon wrapped scallops from BJs. Totally drool worthy. But another crowd pleaser is their mini-cheese quiches.
(3) I find that, for my sanity, it is best to have a buffet style dinner. However, you can keep it elegant by serving the food on beautiful plates and in glass bowls. Instead of plastic plates and utensils for guests to eat on, use lovely dishes. Not your fine china, but pretty, festive dishes. I often find great ones at Home Goods that are themed for the various holidays too.
(4) Lastly, find tiered serving trays and cake plates to serve bite size desserts or elegant treats. I found this amazing brownie tray at BJs. You can even cut them up more for little bites. However, this Pumpkin Cheesecake is a great contender too. Place larger desserts on plates with a little fork, and leave on a table for your guests to pick up when they are ready for the sweets.
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Fine food, family and friends, without breaking the bank or your back. It definitely puts the merry in the holidays!
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