Shopkins Season 2 and 3

I’m a new convert to the Shopkins line. It is super adorable and so much fun to collect. While appropriate for ages four and up, there is a lot of collectible and play value for all ages.
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Shopkins Season Two is already in stores and there are 140 new characters and four new themes, including Shoes to Choose, featuring new flocked textures, details and surprises.
This Spring you can get 2-packs, which has 2 characters and a shopping basket for kids to shop with, for around $2.99. Or get the 5 pack with five characters and five shopping bags for them to store their Shopkins in. Or get the mega pack for 12 with ten characters plus two hidden characters, four shopping bags, one shopping basket and a collector’s guide, this pack gives girls everything they need to complete their Shopkins world.
shopkins fridge charlene chronicles
The new line features a brand new playset, the So Cool Fridge, where girls can store their collection and decorate the fridge with fun Shopkins stickers. Plus, the Shopkins Small Mart playset was named a 2015 Toy of the Year (TOTY) finalist by the Toy Industry Association.
Retail Price: $19.99
Kids can now keep their Shopkins cool in the frosty Fridge Themed Playset! Complete with 2 egg-clusive characters, mini-rides for their Shopkins™ characters and lots of places to display and play.
Retail Price: $19.99
Girls can ‘shop ‘til they drop’ with the Shopkins™ Small Mart Playset! Whether sliding their groceries down the delivery chute or heading to the check out at the conveyer belt register, there’s always work to be done and fun to be had at the Small Mart. Includes one shopping trolley, two exclusive characters and a collector’s guide. Create the ultimate Shopkins world with the Small Mart playset!
Shopkins is already gearing up to launch Season Three in fall, with all new playsets and 140 new characters. I can’t say much about it but I am so excited and it totally goes along with one of the topics I have here at Charlene Chronicles. Stay tuned! But here are two pictures of new Shopkins Season 3 that I can share!
shopkins charlene chronicles
Shopkins Food Fair Truck Bus
And for boys, or anyone for that matter, check out the new Ugglys Pet Shop!

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