These Sewing Toys Will Teach Kids How To Sew

Sewing Toys Kids

Teaching kids to sew is a great skill to learn. Even if they don’t stick with sewing, it offers tremendous educational benefits, such as being creative, following directions, fine motor skills, pattern identification, spatial recognition, and emotional benefits. If you are wondering what to give a child six years old and up, consider giving toys that will teach kids how to sew! It is unique, educational, crafty, and trendy!

As a toy industry expert and a Mom to a daughter who wanted to learn to sew, I have come across some great toys that help foster sewing concepts and skills.

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Six Sewing Toys For Kids

Cool Maker Sewing Maching Spin Master
Credit: Spin Master Toys

Sew Cool Cool Maker (Spin Master Toys)

What is great about this toy sewing machine for kids is that kids can learn to sew with no thread – so it is safe to use since there are no bobbins and needles! However, it looks like a sewing machine and has a similar motor skill process that gives kids a taste of the real thing. The set comes with five projects where they can make a keychain, pouch, a stuffed character, and more. On the projects, there are printed markings that show kids where to start and stop, what direction to sew in and where to spot stitch and fold! Requires batteries.

Scruncheeze Loom WeCool Toys
Credit: WeCool Toys

Scrunchie Loom (WeCool Toys)

The Scruncheeze Loom Kit allows kids to produce their own fluffy universal scrunchies using fabric glue, elastic cords, and fabric glue. It lets kids learn to make something they can wear while working with fabric and associated materials. They use a loom instead of a sewing machine, but it helps kids learn to use devices to make designs.

Ravel Tales Sunny Days
Credit: Sunny Days Entertainment

Ravel Tales (Sunny Days Entertainment)

Ravel Tales lets kids unwind a yarn ball to discover a surprise plush pet inside. However, once they reveal the ravel pet, kids can use the plastic sewing needle to sew a sparkly bed for your pet and then stuff it with the unraveled thick yarn! Then kids can use the thin yarn and name tag to make a special pet collar for your Ravel Tales. When you’re done, use the extra yarn to make a matching friendship bracelet. All in all, it teaches kids about yarn, sewing, knitting, and making a functional item.

Alex Brands First Sewing Kit
Credit: Alex Brands

My First Sewing Kit (Alex Brands)

The Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit will introduce children to the creative world of sewing. This kit can be used to make adorable stuffed animals, notebook covers, and more. All the materials come in a charming carry case and include pre-cut fabric, cloth, stuffing, scissors, tape, pins, needles, buttons, and more.

Craft-tastic Bunny Kit
Credit: Craft-tastic

Make a Bunny Friend Kit (Craft-tastic)

This set lets your kids make an adorable stuffed bunny and simple accessories to mix and match with 6 adorable outfits. All it takes is a few simple stitches looped through precut holes to assemble the bunny and accessories. It provides the opportunity to practice basic stitching and following directions.

Designed by You Fashion Studio (Creativity for Kids)

creativity for kids fashion studio
Credit: Creativity for Kids

This is a fun take on sewing that emulates a big part of sewing activities – making clothes! This kit has a dress mannequin, sketchbook, fabrics samples, swatch booklet, trims, ribbons, tools, and embellishments. While the kit does not have sewing or patterns, kids use the miniature mannikin, scissors, pins, and tape measure to mock-up fashion designs and learn concepts they would use in real-life sewing. Also a great entry into sewing for kids who love fashion. It teaches them the skills and creativity behind fashion.

  • Ages 9 and up
  • MSRP: $34.99

Sewing Toys Kids

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