Seven Ways to Surprise Your Kids with a Trip to Disney

There is nothing better than going to Disney World, Disneyland {insert Disney Park/Boat of choice}. The only thing that might be a close second is surprising your kids with said trip to Disney.
There are lots of ways to do it, and almost all require some pre-planning to make it epic. However, you’ll already be in Disney Planning mode, so it’ll be easy. You’ll be going to the most magical place on earth and these surprises are pretty magical. Just make sure to have the camera ready. You are not going to want to miss watching their reactions over and over again.
So, without further ado, these are my seven favorite ways to surprise the kids.
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1. Opening a birthday/holiday present.

Get a custom t-shirt made on Etsy with your child’s name and a Mickey Mouse silhouette. If your kiddos are old enough to read, then add the phrase “I’m going to Disney!”. Alternatively, get some red converse sneakers and bling out the front toe with rhinestones with the Mickey Mouse silhouette. Wrap the present in regular wrapping paper and have them open their gift! Woot! Best idea if it is a birthday or Christmas and it’s a part a bunch of presents. Bonus is that the sneakers or shirts can be used on the trip!

2. Fill a box with Disney themed balloons.

Get a large cardboard box and fill it with Mickey Mouse themed balloons. Include one mylar Mickey balloon, and a mix of a half a dozen standard balloon in red, yellow, black colors. Then attach a note to one of the balloon strings with the message that they are going to Disney. Wrap up the box with wrapping paper with the balloons inside the box. As the kids open the box, the balloons float out with the message! This is a good one to have ready one day as the kids get home from school. Just have it randomly the middle of the family room with a sign that says “Open Me”. (Wait and watch! and this is a good ‘hidden camera’ moment too.)

3. Play Your Way

If your family is into games, this may be a great way to reveal the trip. One afternoon or evening during your game time or game night, encourage your kids to engage in a scavenger hunt to find the clues and the surprise at the end! Or if you celebrate Easter, tuck one of the clues in each egg for an epic Easter egg hunt!

Another game idea is pretty awesome. With some pre-planning (and lead time for making, ordering and shipping), take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying the family is going to Disney! Or with some photoshop magic, get a picture of Mickey and add a phrase along the lines of ‘Alright, you’re coming to see me at Disney! See ya real soon!” Then make a puzzle out of it using services like Shutterfly. Give the kids the puzzle to make one day and see how long it takes for them to figure it out.
Another game idea is to play Pictionary. Of course, parents drawing – with the kids guessing!

4. Do it with Food

The night before you leave on your trip is my favorite time to do this idea. Order a cheese pizza. When you get the ordered pizza, quickly add some pepperoni slices on top and make them look like Mickey. Write a “We are going to Disney” message in the upper, inside part of the pizza box. Ask your oldest to serve the pizza and watch them notice as they open the pizza box. Then, make sure to record their reactions when the also find out they are going the next morning!

5. Do it with Suitcases

In the days leading up to the trip, hide away key items for your trip (clothes, toiletries, etc.) The night before the trip, while the kids are sleeping, pack individual suitcases. Have the suitcases lined up by the door or outside by the car with custom Mickey ears on top of each suitcase (like a name tag). Tell the kids to get in the car to go to the doctors/school/camp (whatever you typically would do at that time) and as they get ready, they quickly realize they are going to Disney instead!!!

6. Surprise them enroute

Let them believe they are flying to see grandma, or that you’re dropping Dad off at the airport for a business trip. If the latter, when you are at the airport, pull out all the suitcases and see the questions fly and the squeals ensue when you inform them you are all going!
The former only works if relatives already live in Florida or let them believe that you have to fly through Orlando, as a layover, to get to your final destination. When in the sky, pull out some Mickey Mouse ears for yourself and nonchalantly put them on. Then let them ask why you’re wearing them. Then casually mention that you have some for them too because they’ll need them where they are going!
Another version is to have your partner/family member board the plane before you and set on the seats some Mickey Mouse gear (ears, shirt, both) and when the kids get to their seats, they get a big surprise! My favorite.
How to Surprise Kids with a disney trip vacation

7. Advent surprise

Great for Christmas time! Have a little Disney themed trinket in your home advent calendar and on the last day – surprise! The written reveal. Another idea is if you use your Elf on the Shelf, have the elf bring one letter each night. Collect all the letters and see if your kids can solve the Anagram!
What are your favorite ways to surprise the kids? Have you done it before? Do tell us in the comments below!

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