Set Sail at Blogger Bash 2016

If you haven’t heard, I am running my 4th Sweet Suite event this year on behalf of The Toy Insider. This year, I am also the team lead for Blogger Bash as a whole – managing all of the attendees, tickets and organizing all the content, in addition to working with all the sponsors for Sweet Suite.
I still remember the learning curve I had with toys, event planning and event management that first year I planned Sweet Suite. Especially with toys – I had no idea who half the companies were at the event! However, I’ve had the honorable fun to get to know them, the brands, since then! And it has been sweet for sure! Then, for the past two years, I have been behind the scenes planning the decor, writing the newsletters and being the liaison to the Blogger Bash conference organizers.
I am definitely outside my comfort zone with Blogger Bash 2016. I am more interactive with bloggers this year, in addition to the sponsors that have been my focus in prior years. I also have handled a lot of the content for this year’s conference, which I didn’t do before. So being the team lead means it is more for me to manage, but I love learning new things! So, it is an exciting opportunity. Plus, I love working with The Toy Insider Team. Those are some talented and amazing people.
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What is the most exciting (and a bit nerve racking) is the fact that every year, the event takes place at a different venue. There are times that I fervently wish that we could just be in the same location, so I don’t have to recreate the decor/run of show wheel. Then again, that would be boring, right? It is one of the unique things about this conference. We have always been in a different place, but always in the same city!
This year, the event is on a boat. I don’t know many conferences that have to worry about tide and gang planks. Yet, it does lead to a more fashionable nautical wardrobe! In fact, you can see some of my posts about it here!
I’m excited about this year though – the whole sailing theme, the new Ambassadors that I get to work with, Blogging Concentrated with its amazing blogging content, and the Blogger Bash conference partnering with Maletzky Media for Babypalooza and New Product Events for Speed Pitching and the Expo. These two groups have amazing connections and business acumen, so this will be three top notch opportunities for attendees to connect with a variety of brands, not just toy ones, while gaining more content and development for their blogging business. Plus, it is on a yacht, on the Hudson River, in New York City in July. It will be so much fun (with killer views!)
I really hope, if you are blogger who takes his or her blog seriously, that you would consider going. It is an affordable conference too – with hotel rates less than $200 a room (and less if you have a roomie), access to over 100 brands, Blogging Concentrated (which on its own is $200 if you were to attend one of their seminars), expert panels, food, open bars and amazing swag. The cost to go is $279, but since I’m one of the ambassadors, I get to share a one week deal where you can get a ticket to Blogger Bash 2016 for just $139.50 until May 3rd at 10am ET. Only us ambassadors get to share the code and you can only get access on our affiliate links. You can get your ticket here and I hope you do. It is something we have so much pride in and think it is worth your investment.
I hope to ‘sea’ you there!

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