See the New Jumbo and Huggers Cats vs. Pickles Toys!

Credit: CEPIA

If you haven’t heard of Cats vs. Pickles, let me introduce you to this adorable series and toy line!

The world of Cats vs. Pickles was inspired by the YouTube trend of watching funny videos of cats getting freaked by cucumbers.


Cats versus cucumbers is funny – but a company called CEPIA LLC decided to change it to Cats vs. Pickles and create YouTube short stories. The short stories feature silly Pickles characters creating complex yet doomed plans to get close to the Cats characters. When the cats find out, they freak out.

Cats vs. Pickles Toys

It has become very popular content this past year. Yet, what is also popular are the real life plush Cats vs. Pickles toys. There were over 44 different cat and 4 different pickle plushie characters last year and everyone loves collecting them. Fans hunt them down at retailers like Five Below, Learning eXpress, Clairs, HotTopic, (affiliate) Amazon, and other specialty stores.

cats vs pickles toys plush group
Credit: CEPIA
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The prices are around $5 for the mini plush pets. Though you can get two packs, four-packs, six-packs, and 12 packs at higher price points.


These collectible plush include a variety of cats and pickles, including foodie cats, sweet cats, scary cats, fishy cats, cats with glasses, cats with class, and rare pickles. There is also a free, downloadable Cats vs. Pickles mobile game.

New for 2021 are even more Cats vs. Pickles toys. There are larger versions called huggers and jumbo – as well as new minis to collect. (I knew 2021 was going to be a great year!)

Cats vs. Pickles Plush Jumbo Huggers

Cats vs Pickles Huggers
Credit: CEPIA

If you or your kids loved collecting, then check out these new versions – Huggers and Jumbo! The Huggers are 20-inch plush characters, and there are six to start – Water-Meow-Lon, Kitty Dog, Starla, Pepper, Candi Nana, and a pickle named Big Dill. They retail for around $40.

cats vs pickles jumbo huggers mini
Credit: CEPIA

The Cats Vs. Pickles Jumbos are 10-inch plush characters that have six to start – Galacticat, PiƱata Pop, Sprinkles, Mint Chippie, Water-Meow-Lon, and Hank. They each retail for around $20.


Whether Huggies, Jumbos, or the minis, Cats vs. Pickles toys have a loyal following not just because they are cute and collectible, but because they are brightly colored, bean and poly fiber soft and squishable plush. The faces want to make you smile too! These characteristics make Cats vs. Pickles plushies great for stress reduction and sensory/creative play for many families.

Cats vs. Pickles Plush Play

Kids can stack them, count them, toss them. Put them in a pocket as a special friend on an outing. They play well with other toys too. My kids play them alongside Barbie and Batman in the Dreamhouse and Batmobile.

So definitely check them out. The price point for the individual ones makes them great for Easter basket fillers, chore or report card rewards, or good behavior incentives! I think the only negative is – figuring out which one to get first!

cats vs pickles toys

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