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This year, the teacher tasked my son with a project. The project was to make a Valentines Day Box to collect Valentine’s Cards from fellow students at school on Valentine’s Day.

What is a Valentine’s Day Box?

Doing what modern Moms do, I googled what is a Valentine’s Day box! Then saw clever ideas  – from monsters to movie characters. Pinterest was a hot spot of ideas. You can see some of my pins here for other ideas.

Valentine’s Day Box Ideas

I shared what I found with my son and let him pick which he wanted to make. He loved the R2D2 Valentine’s Day box that I found from It ended up being a great choice because it was very easy to make and relatively inexpensive.

R2D2 Valentine’s Box

First, all I needed to get was a small/mini, white, flip top trash can. The Container Store sells them for $4.99. So that was an easy buy. Then I just needed sticky foam sheets. I got a pack on (affiliate) Amazon for a great price. Now I have a stash for future projects too.

Once I had all the supplies, it took us just 10 minutes to make. We cut out the various rectangles and squares. We freeformed it. However, I would suggest getting an object for a template. For example, we used a bottle cap to cut out the black circle and we had a heart eraser that we used for a heart template. We could have used a business card for the rectangle bits and could have easy found something else for the squares. Just trace it on the back (on the sticky paper side) so you don’t see the tracing lines! However, it was easy enough to go it alone – even though our cutting lines aren’t straight!

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We cut the shapes out first. Then peeled off the sticky back. (Make sure to follow that order!) Then we pressed the cut outs onto the white trash can in the pattern. We just eyed it from the photograph, and you can too.

Once we were done, I just wrote my son’s name on the bottom, but you could cut out letters to spell out your child’s name on the back for a finishing touch. Otherwise, the R2D2 Valentine’s ‘Box’ was so easy! It got rave reviews at school. My son had a Han Solo swagger with his creation!

My daughter felt a little left out since her teacher did not order a Valentine’s Box project. However, I got a white trash can and then wrapped this (affiliate) rhinestone ribbon around the whole diameter of the can. I used glue dots to hold it in place. (Much easier to use and hold on a plastic surface.) Or you can use a (affiliatesticky spray. I just went row by row down the body of the can. A little time consuming making sure I got the rows of ribbon straight, but otherwise, she has a bling’d out can that she can use for whatever she wants. Wrap it in red, place it in pink or alternate! For the top, use sticky foam hearts.

Whether it is toy storage, secret treasures or just a glam trash can, these Valentine’s Day boxes can be used long after Feb. 14!!

Have fun making the projects and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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