Puppy Extras: Fun Things for a New Puppy

When it is time to bring a new puppy home, it can be daunting. Just like babies, it is amazing how much you need! While it’s true that all dogs need is food, water, collar, leash, and a place to sleep, it is a lot more than that for most pet owners.
fun things for a new puppy
After having 6 dogs of my own, I’ve learned what one needs to have a happy pet and happy household. While not everything is needed, you may find you want to pick up some extras. Whether it is because you travel, visit friends, engage in dog training, go on walk or hikes, or otherwise want a well-adjusted dog, you may want and need more than the basics. Check out this affiliate Amazon list I put together.

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The Extras

For the extras, the Amazon list I have contains great treats, my favorite bedding, a fun car seat for errands and a way to keep your puppy contained when you’re making dinner. At the very least, it will give you a sense of what you may be in for and have a discussion with the family who is walking the dog, where it is going to sleep, and other decisions to discuss before welcoming your new family member home.
must haves for a new puppy
Some items on my list are not self-explanatory. For example, the soft side play yard is for when you need to take a shower, and you want your puppy to not get in trouble, but not need to be in the crate. The Petmate one is a great option. I got one to review after I had bought a different one on Amazon. It is vastly superior, has lasted through four puppies, and is very sturdy and functional. I especially like it because it can collapse when you don’t need it when you are short on space. It can also be taken with you when visiting family and friends. It is one of my favorite ‘dog’ must-haves.
However, the Evenflo Play Space is great indoors OR outdoors. It is my pick when you don’t have a fenced-in yard, don’t need portability, and want to keep your canine friend contained when they’re taking care of business outside.
Another example on my list that needs some explanation is a crate cover. This is not a must have because a blanket be draped over the crate. However, you may not want to crate your pup or your pup may be fine without needing the cover. Alternatively, you want it to look better in your living room. My puppies always like the den-like feeling the cover added to the crate. It also prevents them from seeing each other during our littermate syndrome prevention. So, it really is personal preference, and a life style one too. However, having it on my list gets you thinking about what you want to do and how you will do it.
Do you have other must-haves for this list? Which one in the list is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Then check out my favorite puppy and dog toys!

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