Potty Training Toys and Tools

I won’t bore you with the details (or the battles) but potty training my son has been one of the toughest challenges. I’ve used a lot of things in my attempts and there are two that have been very helpful. The Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty and the Corolle Potty Doll.

Corolle Les Classiques Special Feature Doll

Corolle Potty Doll copyThis charming all-vinyl baby doll (boy and girl version) drinks and wets and loves to take a bath. It is an excellent potty-training aid too as it comes with a potty. Thus, it’s a good way to emulate and model potty behavior. It measures 14″ tall and is styled in France. It retails for about $65 but you can find it for less on Amazon.

Fisher Price Cheer For Me Potty

fisher price cheer for me potty copyIf you want a potty that seems like a real potty, then this is the one. It help emulate the steps and the feel of the functions of a real potty. The Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty has a working handle, a lid, even a place for toilet paper. Then when your child goes on the potty, it cheers and makes songs encouraging and engaging use of the potty.
For easy, mess-free cleanup, the potty seat’s bowl is removable. Its surface is smooth without any nooks to reduce chance of buildup. The potty includes a lid-down feature and a splash guard shield for splash protection for boys. When it’s time to graduate to an adult toilet, the potty ring can be placed directly on adult-sized toilet. The Fisher-Price Cheer For Me! Potty operates with three AA batteries (not included). It retails for about $90 on sites like Amazon.
I liked both of these potty training toys and tools because of the fun factor and the emulation of behavior. We tried lots of books and potty training apps, traditional pottys, and more. But these two seemed to be the best, and we are now using them to train our daughter!
I’m giving away these! (New ones, I promise! LOL.) One winner will win the Corolle Doll (the boy) and one will win the Fisher Price Potty! See all of my current giveaways here!


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