Camp In Style With The Playmobil Volkswagen Camping Bus

Whether you love to travel, like to camp in your backyard, or abore the entire outdoor thing, you’ll swoon over the Playmobil Volkwagen Camping Bus.

Credit: Playmobil

This iconic Volkswagen T-1 Camping bus is a red and white-colored camper van. It’s new for 2021 and is packed with everything you need for a faux weekend getaway. The camper has a mini-kitchen and fold-down seating that converts into a sleeping area. There is also plenty of storage. You’ll find it under the sink, on the camper doors, and on the roof rack.

Playmobil Volkwagen Camping Bus

There are also accessories like two mini-toothbrushes, a hairbrush, toothpaste, thermos, mugs, camera, juice, crackers, and dinner tins. These are much-needed items for the two Playmobil travelers to take the wheel!

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Playmobil wins again on its functionality. On the Playmobil Volkwagen Camping Bus, remove the roof to access the camper’s interior. Open the cabinet under the sink to store items. The side doors open, the boot opens, and the tray on the door lowers to reveal a mirror. That isn’t all though. You can also lower the sofa to a bed – and lower a tray to make a dinner table.

The wheels on the camper do not rotate, but you can have fun moving the van forward and backward. There are headlights and taillights, but there’s no battery power. (Consider yourself camping off the grid.)

Playmobil Volkswagen Camping Bus

This is a fun camping fan to be a part of other (affiliate) Playmobil camping sets, or as a display. It is an iconic toy to have on a bookshelf and in a playroom for years to come!

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