PLAYMOBIL Super 4 Show on Netflix

Everywhere I turn there is a PLAYMOBIL set or character in every room in our house. Starting today, there will also be one on, or should I say, in, our TV.
PLAYMOBIL is making its way to the little screen April 10th on Netflix. The Super 4 show, an inspired CGI animated series, follows four main characters—Alex the Knight, Ruby the Pirate, Agent Gene, and Twinkle the Fairy—as they explore the distinct island communities of their planet, fight the bad guys, and have fun along the way. Trifecta of kid-awesomeness, right? The fate of the planet is vested in the u-shaped, PLAYMOBIL style hands, of some very intriguing, but very unlikely super heroes.
Check out the PLAYMOBIL Super 4 show trailer:

The series truly brings the PLAYMOBIL® playsets to life in the same style that kids play with their PLAYMOBIL characters—by mixing and matching characters together in incredibly imaginative settings and scenarios. There will be 26 episodes in season 1, each containing two 11-minute segments.
Then the Super 4 series will also be jumping off the TV screen and onto the toy shelf in September 2015 when PLAYMOBIL debuts a variety of playsets inspired by the series. (Just in time for the holidays!) The toys will be available both in the U.S. and globally in territories where the show is currently airing.
playmobil super 4 show on netflix
My kids were excited to check out the new show and to try out Netflix for the first time. See our debut movie night here on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #PLAYMOBILComesToLife & #SUPER4onNetflix.
After watching the show, they both asked to watch it again the next day (and the next)! There was a little house debate on which character they each liked best (the pirate was the favorite) because it was a pirate (my son liked that point) and a girl (my daughter loved that it was a girl pirate.) However, I have a feeling that it will be an ongoing debate as we watch more episodes. As a Mom, I liked that it was a good pace and wasn’t too long so they stayed focused. It had team work and problem solving too. Look forward to see more episodes myself.
Did you watch it yet? What do you think about the show?

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