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Check out a fun way to play with PLAY DOH!
The PLAY DOH SEEK AND SQUISH App an all-new interactive storybook app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch by PlayDate Digital. It takes a child’s interaction (and imagination) with the classic PLAY-DOH brand to a whole new digital level of squishable fun.
PLAY-DOH: SEEK AND SQUISH is an original storybook app, with preschool expert input, made entirely of digital PLAY-DOH. In this adventure of exploration and learning, friendly animals have gathered to welcome readers to a gorgeous PLAY-DOH world, but the animals want to play “hide-and-go-seek” with the reader as seeker!

Different Scenes

It is up to the reader to find the animals by squishing and seeking a way through eight colorful habitats: Desert, Garden, Ocean, Savanna, Farm, Forest, Arctic, and Jungle. Your child taps on a tree, a flower, etc. to find the animal, and as they do so, it makes a fun ‘squish‘ sound; fun for my two year old who thought the sounds were “funny” and engaging in the sensory reward aspect for my son.
In some cases, the reader is even asked to help certain animals find their way back to their home habitats. Animals hide in different places each time the child reads through the book, meaning a unique experience with each read-through.
seek and squish app

Build Your Own

After an animal is found, the reader can peruse that animal’s page in a digital Field Guide, full of facts about each animal, such as what the animal eats and how it sounds. On this page, kids can learn how to make the animal using Play-Doh with a visual guide. My son loved this feature. I loved it too. It is especially helpful for children (including ones on the spectrum) as it is a good way to learn to follow directions, create the object using the visual cues, and work on fine motor skills. Then they can take a picture of it and add it to their field guide in the app.
With “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself” modes, this interactive storybook app is a great way to learn about animals and practice reading skills. When the app reads to you, the words change colors so you can follow along (and kids can learn word recognition.)
My son played for almost an hour. However, unless they can build and mold playdoh animals on their own, be prepared to play with them (and create the animals for them.)

App Store

PLAY-DOH: SEEK AND SQUISH is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or at My only frustration is that you need to have an iOS operating system 7.0 or greater. My kids have old iPads so we can’t upgrade without losing a lot of storage (and existing games and movies.) So I put it on my updated iPhone, and the kids played with that. But it is a limiting note to consider. Otherwise, if you don’t mind upgrading or sharing your own device, it is a unique, creative, educational and engaging game.
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