PipSquigz – Fun Little Suckers

As a parent of two babies in the past, I was always looking for little toys to throw in a diaper bag to entertain my kids on the go – in the store, in the car, in a restaurant. Yet, not so small that I couldn’t find it in the diaper bag!
I came across these PipSquigz at Sweet Suite this year from a company called Fat Brain Toys. With playful colors, fun sounds, tactile exploration with the various surfaces and the suction sound, any baby 6 months and older would love these!
The super suction keeps baby busy with the press down and pop up sound. The action focuses on hand strength and cause and effect; two import parts of baby development. The PipSquigz are also colorful with different bumps and shapes making it fun to handle and hold in a little hand. It’s also a great way to focus on colors. Ask your baby to give you the red one or the blue one, to further color identification.
PipSquigz are made from silicone so it can also go in the bath, in addition to being easy to clean (dishwasher safe!) after a plane trip or a trip for dinner out. They’re also BPA free so it is a fun teething tactile experience too.
I love these things! They even have series (small shapes called Squigz) for older kids too (ages 3-12)!
The PipSquigz retail for about $20 on sites like Amazon.
Once again, I want to pass along the awesomesauce to you! I’m giving away a set of PipSquigz! Along with a bonus of a BKids Stacking Block Tug Boat Bathtub Toy and Haba Little Elf for a fun little baby set valued around $40! Just fill out to the form and follow the prompts to enter! You can also see all of my giveaways here. There are over 30 that will be shared in October so check back to see and enter all of them!
Good Luck and happy squig-ing!!


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