Pet Memento Ideas: Ways to Keep Your Pet Close After Passing

When your pet passes, it can be a heartbreaking moment in your life. One way to heal from the grief is to find a way to memorialize them, or carry the heart of them with you. It was what I needed when my beloved dog of 12 years passed recently.
Here are some ways that you can keep your pet’s spirit close to you.

pet mementos ideas

Pet Picture Pendant

Capture the likeness of a beloved pet with a 3D likeness engraved or imprinted onto a pendant. It’s a tangible way to honor a pet that has enriched your life in countless ways. When you don’t wear it, you can display it in a space as an art piece.
Two to consider are from Uncommon Goods. One is a personalized 3D Pet Face Pendant and the other is a Custom Pet Portrait Pendant.

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Pet Print Pendant

Sometimes gazing upon the image of your pet can actually be hard. If you need something more subtle, consider a piece of jewelry that has an imprint of their nose or paw. Work with your pet vet or funeral home with getting the imprint and send it off to make a one of a kind piece.
Again, Uncommon Goods has a great selection with pet nose print necklaces and even a pet print and finger print combo!

Pet Love Jewelry

If you want to honor more than one pet, consider a general pet necklace. This one from Uncommon Goods has three pendants to make one piece. One circle displays the letter “I,” another a heart, and the final circle a paw print.
Or wear a keepsake necklace that has the moving words, “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” The customizable heart charms that hang from the pendant can be printed with any combination of fingertips or paws of special people and pets.

Pet Name Jewelry

Another one that I really like is from COATT, it is morse coded jewelry so you can have a bracelet or necklace that has your pet’s name in morse code.

Pet Pillow and Blanket

Lastly, consider a DIY project by using a picture of your pet, some printable fabric and a little sewing. You can see how to do that here!

Clay Imprints or Ashes Jewelry

Check with the pet funeral home you may be using for what options they offer. Often they have beautiful glass jewelry where you can place your pets ashes inside as a way to keep them near your heart. They often have pet paw imprints keepsakes too. However, you can easily buy a clay kit yourself from (affiliate) Amazon and consider doing it yourself or asking the vet to do it for you. Or purchase the jewelry on (affiliate) Amazon as well.

Pet Fur Forever

A simple thing to do is take a clipping of your pet’s fur and either place it in a small keepsake box or into a locket. Again, you can find some great ones on (affiliate) Amazon.
How have your remembered your pet? Please share!

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