Personalized Santa Video: “Your Santa Story”

I want to share with you something that will knock your Christmas stockings off.
If you’ve done Elf on the Shelf, or those personalized letters from Santa, then this is totally for you. It is a personalized Santa video called, “Your Santa Story.”


It is a customized DVD featuring Santa Claus (think real white beard, jello belly and a twinkle in his eye kind-of Santa) that will address your kids by name and talk about how Santa is proud of Timmy sleeping in his new big boy bed, Sarah being such a great big sister or Michael getting straight As in Math. But here is the real deal.
It’s not one of those, “Hi, I’m Santa. It was great to visit your house [insert automated name here.]” Nope, this Santa…err…{note kids may be reading over your shoulder} comes back from the North Pole after delivering the toys, tiptoeing past Fido & eating your specialty cookies. Since Santa has to make a custom DVD for each family who…umm…wants one, they are in limited supply. Santa only has so much time in the day.
Santa lets the family know that there will be special surprise coming the day after Christmas by leaving a calling card somewhere in the house where the kids will find it. Then, the morning after Christmas (or the night of Christmas), Santa leaves a video message and one last surprise.
Santa decided to send me an advanced copy since I’ve been a decent Mom this year. Since it’s pre-Christmas, and Santa is busy in his workshop, I needed to give Santa a heads up and you will too. I filled out a form online where I put in my kids’ names, how to pronounce them, the names of our pets, the type of cookies we would leave out for Santa and some special things that my kids did this year. I also shared a little hint on where Santa could leave one last Christmas gift. I hit “submit’ and waited for my DVD to arrive.
When I got it, I popped it in the DVD one day when the kids took a nap. After watching it, I called my Mom, my brother, and my friend. I had to show them because I was blown away.
Santa nailed it. Click here to see a video sample.
With Christmas fast approaching, make sure you get your order in as soon as possible to ensure delivery by Christmas morning, and maybe check out the weekly Facebook giveaway too – if you win one, you can take the cost of the DVD ($29.95) and splurge on another holiday present. Santa speaks English, Spanish and Sign Language. He also has special messages for Military families. {Santa rocks.}
Santa creates an amazing way to create lasting memories for your family, from little ones who are in awe of Santa to big kids who need a nudge to keep believing. It is such a wonderful opportunity to bring the sparkle back to Christmas. This personalized Santa video from Santa is definitely one of my top finds of 2012.

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