Toy Reveal: Paw Patrol Everest Toy and More

If your kids are Paw Patrol Fans, then they are going to LOVE the new Paw Patrol Toys for 2015, including the Paw Patrol Everest Toy being revealed. Here they are in pictures:
Of course, you have the new pup Everest as a toy in the Pup lineup, and for those still struggling to find Skye and Rocky (like me) know that they will be more readily available in 2015 according to a brand representative I spoke with. (Yay!)
Paw Patrol Everest Toy
You’ll see the pups in different looks to correspond to the various adventures they have on the show.
Rocky and Rubble now have bigger versions of their Pup Vehicles, with lights and sounds too! They can keep up with the larger Chase and Marshall vehicles from last season.
Then you have Everest and her Snowmobile vehicle as the newest Pup edition to the Paw Patrol lineup.
There is also the Chase Pup Pack where kids can wear the pack on their back and there are various accessories, similar to what Chase uses (like the net) that kids can use to role play their own Pup adventures. The accessories store in the backpack too.
New Paw Patrol Toys
To correspond with the mini-figure trend, there will also be Paw Patroller mini-figures. Perfect little rewards for the kids.
Lastly, there will also be the Paw Patrol Training Center! Where kids can train their pups and practice for the rescues!
It looks like 2015 will be another exciting year for our little Paw Patrol fans! And don’t miss my other post about the Paw Patroller Truck!

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