On the 4th Day of Charlene Chronicles…

It is holiday time, which means shopping time. If you are starting to panic, stay tuned. I have a chronicled a list of cool items that may help you with your holiday shopping. Some ideas will be geared towards babies. Others will target kids or the adult set. All in all, a mish-mash of holiday goodies over the next 12 days.

On the first day, it was a Name Your Tune Kids CD. On the second day, it was Super Fun Bath Toys. On the third day, it was Healthy Habits Kitchen. Today….

♪ On the fourth day of the Charlene Chronicles, I wish someone gave to me……♪

A cool-shaped funky toy

Bilibio is a new kind of toy that leaves room for a child’s endless imagination. That is important to me as a Mom. Whatever their interpretation, kids can invent their own games with it and be creative in any way: indoors or outdoors; in the sand or in the snow; on their head or their back; and sitting on top or sitting underneath.

Age range is from 2-7, but my 13 month old loves stacking his toys in it. Thus, it is a toy that will span years rather than days. Making it a value in-and-of itself. Big or small, the price ranges from $15-30. So if you are looking for something truly award winning, this is a great and innovative gift.


Image Credit: Bilibio.com

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