On the 2nd Day of Charlene Chronicles…

It is holiday time, which means shopping time. If you are starting to panic, stay tuned. I have a chronicled a list of cool items that may help you with your holiday shopping. Some ideas will be geared towards babies. Others will target kids or the adult set. All in all, a mish-mash of holiday goodies over the next 12 days. On the first day, it was a Name Your Tune Kids CD. Today….

♪ On the second day of the Charlene Chronicles, I wish someone gave to me……♪

Super Fun Bath Toys

Bath Time takes on another challenge when you have a toddler. Long gone are the days where they were contained in a little bucket or tub bouncer. Keeping them in one place in a tub requires patience, physical strength…and a couple of really good bath toys. If you have a preschooler, they may now dread the bathtub. Enticing them to shampoo requires a couple of ‘Yookidoos’.

A company called Yookidoo has come to the water rescue. They have some great non-bath toys, but they also offer some bath options too. Here are my favorites.

Flow and Fill Spout Bath Toy:

The Flow-N-Fill Spout Bath Toy by Yookidoo is a unique water activity toy that attaches directly to the tub and draws water from the bath up through its spout, creating a gentle and constant water stream. The colorful bath playset comes with three activity tumblers. One tumbler creates a shower, another has a turning propeller, and the last one has a hidden friend that comes up to the surface when you fill it with water. It also includes a cute push face that easily turns the water flow on and off, as well as a swiveling arm that can hold all the vibrant tumblers. (Requires 3 AA batteries and best for ages 9 months+)

Stack N Spray Tub Fountain Bath Toy:

The Stack-N-Spray Tub Fountain Bath Toy by Yookidoo is a unique water jet toy that pulls water from the bath tub and squirts it out the top. It features a floating base with stackable boats and little characters. Each stackable piece floats on its own and has its own water effect. You can mix and match, use some and not the others and have a different experience every time. The red boat spins and sprays water. The light blue toy boat has a swiveling propeller and the dark blue boat has a water spout. The octopus sprays water all around and the scuba pal squirts water hair! (Requires 3 AA batteries and best for ages 12 months+)

Your kiddo will go crazy for these imaginative and interactive bath toys. Hey, you might get them to sit for 5 minutes! You can find them at major retailers and they range from $15 to $30 depending on the seller. Just do a web search.

Splish Splash, it’s a holiday smash!

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